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Google Translate is the official application for running this translation tool on Android mobile phones and tablets. It enables to translate words, phrases, paragraphs and a whole text into the target language selected by the user. This version is designed to fit the touch screen of the Android device. This app is developed and published by Google Inc.

Key Features

  • Instant translation: just as the Web version, Google Translate enables to translate texts instantly. This means that the application directly shows off the translated words as the user types them on the empty box. Loading the translation is done swiftly.
  • Voice translation: for this option, the user is just asked to utter words via the Android device's microphone. After that, he can directly see on the interface of Google Translate the translated words and phrases.
  • Offline translation: in case it is not possible to have access to Internet connection on the device, translating texts is still possible. Indeed, Google Translate can translate text without Internet connected to the Android.
  • Supported languages: Google Translate can work with more than 80 languages. Languages are various and from different countries. For instance, let's cite Afrikaans, German, Lithuanian and Vietnamese languages.


  • Google Translate is downloadable free of charge.
  • A Phrase Book option shows up some common phrases.


  • The camera input and offline translation can only work on Android 2.3 and above.

Other Systems

Google Translate for Android is also available on iPhone.


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