MalwareByte's Anti-Malware - Tutorial

September 2016


This anti-malware tool is really excellent, it will remove most of the infections on your computer!

MalwareByte is one of the best applications when it comes to the removal of infections. It incorporates the latest malware signatures and a very effective (heuristic) detection module against new malwares which are not listed in the signatures .
It also includes rootkit detector from Gmer of one of the best Anti-Rootkit technologies and a module to delete files blocked by the system (FileAssassin). Note that, the free version doesn't offer real timeprotection (Your antivirus program is expected to actively protect your system).

Features and Limitations of the software


  • Frequently updated
  • Effective heuristic detection
  • Removes infections,
  • Available for free
  • Fast scans while using advance heuristics method.


  • The real-time shield is not available in the free version.
  • This software may generates false positives , so it is best to closely examine the search results and keep them in quarantine for some time, before deleting these items.

How to run a scan?

If you have Vista or 7:
You must disable UAC during disinfection.
  • Download MalwareByte's Anti-Malware
  • Link: 105 malwarebytes anti malware
  • Install the program
  • Make updates (click Updates then Search for updates)
  • Start in Safe Mode:
  • Restart the computer
  • Pressing the F8 key on the keyboard until the Windows advanced option menu appears
  • Select "Safe Mode" in the menu, then press Enter.
  • Launch MalwareByte's Anti-Malware, click "Run a full review" and then select Search all disks
  • Once the scan is complete, click "Remove" (if you are asked to reboot the PC, accept)
  • A report will be generated, save it to make a personal analysis or post the report on a forum.

Note that
: The scan will be much more effective against infections if you are not using Internet Explorer and especially if you're in Safe Mode.


  • Safe Mode: Advanced mode starts the main Windows services necessary for its operation. For example: the virus will not be started in Safe Mode from the start, you should run or not. This method is also used to repair some damage to the system: a faulty driver causing blue screens, removing a virus...
  • Scan: How to identify suites bit files, the latter often incorporated in antivirus software cleaning or correction of the register, can identify virus (Through the virus definitions provided by the laboratories, or heuristic detection to identify the behavior of programs to determine if they are normal or malicious), to clean your computer fragments of unnecessary files created by the activity of programs and operating system, and correction of the register in order to maximize the safe use of the computer.
  • Rootkit: this program hides the presence of viruses on the computer. You will be able to see active infections on the system in the process list with the combination "Ctrl + Alt + Del" for example.
  • Malware: are harmful to your computer: For example, it can steal your data, destroy or even manipulate your computer.
  • Anti-Rootkit: Integrated generally in the scan, removes rootkits.
  • False Positive:it is the term applied when an anti-virus program mistakenly flags an innocent file as being infected.

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