Oracle - Recover lost passwords

December 2016

It is important to recover your lost password on the Oracle database as not having it would hamper your productivity and access to the database, resulting in security issues. First, you must connect to the server under command line mode to recover the Oracle System DBA password. Then, from the previous DBA programming instance before closing the database, try to reset the Oracle home database password, remove it permanently and then manually instruct and run the Oracle password utility. After the code runs successfully from the command prompt and the new system password is generated, log in to the Oracle Database System and change or create a new password. The recovery process works well when you refer to the administrators guide for Oracle 9i.

To recover a password in Oracle, simply connect under command line mode on the server:

#sqlplus /nolog      
SQL>conn / as sysdba      
SQL>alter user Username identified by PASSWORD;

To reset your Orable database password:

Your password file should be under <orahome>\database\PWD<SID>.ora.

Delete it and run the Oracle password utility from the command prompt:

c\:Oracle\ora92\database>ORAPWD file=PWD<SID>.ora password={password} entries={however many}.

The <password> is your new sys password. After you log in as sys you can change it and create new passwords for system.

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