Cannot open any Office program and after downloading malware...

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So I stupidly downloaded malware but i got rid of it. I did the following things
1. Run unhide.exe
2. System restore to a few days ago
3. Run cmd attrib -h -r -s /s /d c:\*.*
4. run malwarebytes (with scan for rootkits enabled) and got rid of all shit

Now the problem is shortcuts don't work and my Microsoft Office programs like OneNote, Word, Excel don't work either. other stuff seems to be working but I have to set a default application each time I open something like a pdf using adobe acrobat

Is this because my office is pirated? When i try to word or onenote i get a mesage like

it says "Something went wrong - We couldn't start your program "

What are my options? I had a lot of important notes in myonenote and I don't wanna lose it
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If you still need help...

To help you and prescribe the remedy, I must make a diagnostic and to do so, I require a report.

1. Open this link and download ZHPDiag :
(Don't be alarmed is the site is in French, it sometimes happens, the tool will take your system language and allow the download if you get a warning message, ignore it.) Click on the download button

2. Save the file on your Desktop.

3. Double click on ZHPDiag.exe and follow the installation instructions.

(For Vista, Win 7 and 8 users, click right to ensure you execute with admin right)

4. Double click on the short cut ZHPDiag on your Destktop.

5 Click on scan
Wait for the tool to finished (maybe a long time)

6. Close ZHPDiag.

7. To transmit the report, click on this link :

8. Search the directory where you installed ZHPDiag (usually C:\desktop\zhpdiag.txt).

9. Copy the url link obtained from tinyupload and paste it here in your reply.

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cronq 3Posts Sunday September 10, 2017Registration date September 11, 2017 Last seen - Sep 10, 2017 at 08:23 PM
Here it is
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Sorry for the delay, seems that we don't live on the same continent.

Thank you for the report which I have analyzed. Your computer is indeed infected, there are seven malware items which explain your issue and have come, in part, from torrent downloads.

Also, another source of your issue is that your Microsoft licence is illegal, you have not purchased the licence.

Considering the above illegal status, I am not allowed to provide you with further help.

cronq 3Posts Sunday September 10, 2017Registration date September 11, 2017 Last seen - Sep 11, 2017 at 05:04 AM
I do torrent a lot of stuff. Thanks anyway
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