Free mobile call to pakistan [Solved/Closed]

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pla tell how to make a free call to mobile in pakistan
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Free calls

To all those who wish to make free calls with their phones...

I have made extensive researches on the subject: I have examined forum threads back to 2008 and looked at almost all the websites which have been suggested as well as the hint that were provided.

Many website advertise free calls but they are using misleading advertisement for in the end they do not give anything away. In the long run, I have found that Skype has the cheapest rates for calling.

In conclusion, I suggest that it is useless to search how to make free calls. In this world nothing is free except breathing and yet will come a day that we will be taxed for it.

Best regards
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walikhanhyper- Mar 10, 2017 at 06:17 PM
nice website thanks
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i want pk free call pls
help me
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Hi there,

To make calls from internet you need Voip software like Skype,its free ,please refer to Faq which will guide you as well as give you download link for software:


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