Internet connected, but won't browse? [Closed]

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well here's the background to my problem:
I'm running xp sp3 on a dell inspiron 1300 and 4 years old, and yesterday it updated and ran a windows malware removal tool. I checked on the net and it seemed to be genuine. It said it had a virus (can't remember what called but had a short file path and possibly had h2 in there somewhere?) and I let it remove it. moments after, my Internet would not work. I am writing this on my iPod touch. at first I feared it could be an antivirus or firewall. I deleted my free trial of norton and (expired) mcafee. no help. I'm very amateur with computers and genuinely have no idea what the problem is! Internet works fine everywhere else on wireless network, and i'm suspicious of the windows malicious software removal thing. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
<Edit> Thanks in advance</Edit>
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Dear Sir,

There might be a problem with the browser and I will advise you to have it updated or still you can get using another browser.

Thanks in advance.
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Check UR

2>Antivirus Might Can Block Ur Connection To pc

take this might help you

1>extract all file
2>open application
3>press tool press kill all process
3>press tool press registry repair

then restart computer

then i think will help it
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I tried all sorts of "fixes". I don't know why, but so far this has worked and I am crossing my fingers. MY COMPUTER>HARDWARE>DEVICE MANAGER>NETWORK ADAPTERS>PROPERTIED>ADVANCED>TCP/IP OFFLOADING OPTIONS>UNCLICK ALL.

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