ChatGPT App: iOS, iPhone, official

ChatGPT App: iOS, iPhone, official

OpenAI has now introduced the highly anticipated official mobile app for ChatGPT. Initially available on iOS, it will soon be released on Android. The app brings the power of the chatbot to your fingertips, offering exclusive features like voice conversation, all while remaining free to use. Stay connected and engage in seamless interactions with ChatGPT wherever you go.

It's official: OpenAI finally launches its ChatGPT mobile application! In its press release, the start-up announces the availability of the app in an iOS version initially, the Android edition being planned soon, without a specific date, however. The iPhone app has already started rolling out in the US, via Apple's App Store, with OpenAI planning to make it available in other countries in the coming weeks. Prudent, the company indeed adopts a progressive approach in order to improve its product according to the feedbacks of the users. And like the web version, the ChatGPT app is free!

Like the website, the app allows chatting with ChatGPT by asking all kinds of questions. Additionally, subscribers to ChatGPT Plus, the paid plan; have access to GPT-4, the latest version of the artificial intelligence "engine", which offers both better performance and additional functions like plug-ins (see our article on ChatGPT's internet plug-in).

Official chatGPT app: already on iOS, coming soon on Android

One of the notable features of the application is the ability to interact with ChatGPT using voice input, eliminating the need for a keyboard. This functionality utilizes Whisper, OpenAI's open-source speech recognition system, which supports a remarkable 99 languages. OpenAI clarifies that chat history will be synchronized across all linked devices, unless users choose to disable this feature. Furthermore, the application boasts a clean interface, presenting conversations on a sleek black or white background.

With the introduction of the official iPhone app, iPhone users can now directly engage with ChatGPT without the need for third-party solutions. Previously, the absence of an official app had led to the emergence of numerous unofficial ChatGPT apps, with some falsely claiming to be endorsed by OpenAI. These unofficial apps often imposed charges for using the chatbot, despite its availability for free through web browsers. However, with the release of the official app, it is anticipated that these unofficial alternatives will gradually fade away.

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