Best fashion apps: shopping, clothing, ideas

Best fashion apps: shopping, clothing, ideas

Many of us are used to shopping online. The online shopping experience can offer affiliate marketing programs with great discounts, reasonable retail prices, a user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service. In this article, you'll find more information about shopping apps for every taste and fashion lover!


One of the biggest shopping apps, Shein is available for Android and iOS. It specializes in more than just clothes since it has a vast catalog of accessories where you can find anything at the lowest prices. From clothing to jewelry, bath and body, make-up, and home decor, all of their products are what you see. They’re known for their fast delivery and offer cashback if the product is not what you expected. The newsletter informs you about their exclusive vouchers that can sell items as low as $2, their latest promotions, order status, and daily check-ins of what’s new in the store. The app is split into categories, what’s new, and their special feature; a social media called Gal where you can follow other girls shopping on Shein showing off their purchased products in the store.

Vestiaire Collective

For something a little bit different and fancy, Vestiaire Collective is the option. The French-based, high-quality brand is e-commerce created and supported by client-owned pieces, where users can buy and sell. As a client or user, you can upload your pieces by luxury or high-end brands and offer them at discounted prices. The fun part is that the pieces are unique since they are from personal and vintage collections. They’re offered in a good state and can be found anywhere in the world. What makes the app unique is the opportunity to follow the sellers on their Vestiaire Collective social media platform. You can see their latest curated collections and pieces uploaded to the app and be the first to get it. You can also create a wishlist and subscribe to their newsletter for updates and fashion recommendations. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

The Outnet

This application content is created by removing the products left behind from previous seasons owned by high-luxury brands imported onto their fashion page and app. Then they’re offered incredible discounts. The pieces which arrive in the app can have up to a 70% discount on top of the one already offered by the original store. The Outnet is highly committed to its customers and has an exclusive page to help users, providing personal phone calls in case of needed information. The app is divided into categories where you can find your favorite designers divided from A-Z and get informed of what’s in, you can create your wishlist as well. If you’re a regular customer, the discounts can increase with time, and sometimes the newsletter comes up with coupons and many other advantages. Find it on the Android and iOS platforms.


In Walmart online store and applications for iOS and Android, you will find fashion items in the "Apparel" section. Being a large platform, the Walmart can often offer discounts and special promotions, for example, on Black Friday. You can also search and select clothes and shoes by brand name: from Levi's, Nike, Reebok or Dr.Martens - to Burberry, Gucci or Alexander McQueen


Temu is the international version of Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo. This online store has recently appeared outside of China, but has already gained a huge number of customers in the US and other countries. What is the secret to the success of Temu? Very affordable prices and a wide advertising campaign. The service delivers goods to customers within 10 days, and new customers have free shipping and a discount on first purchases. Temu app is available for Android and iOS.


ASOS, available for Android and iOS, is one of the simplest ways to shop online. The app is easy to use and makes the user experience enjoyable. It is perfectly organized into categories and works with big and small resellers. It does not ask much from the user to start using the app, simply using email addresses the app is ready to go. Deliveries and returns are for free, and ASOS usually participates in various affiliate programs with social networks, from which you don’t need to be an influencer to participate. The app has options for both men and women, a fast delivery rate, and very friendly customer service in case of any trouble. When it comes to pricing, you can find a wide range of variety, although it tends to stay on the low side of pricing, usually aiming for those who do not wish to spend much but still receive high-quality and unique products.


Not everyone is aware that on this popular online trading platform, you can also buy items from premium brands. In the Android or iOS apps search, you can select "Premium Brands" and "Luxury Stores", which will make it easier for you if you are looking for more expensive and exclusive items here. Amazon Represents brands Alexandre Birman, Anima Iris, Altuzarra, Cinq à Sept, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Maygel Coronel,  Studio 189, Theory, Jonathan Cohen, Sensu Studio, Vince and many others. In the field of fashion, Amazon is not limited to just the app and has opened the first two flagship physical stores in the US under the "Amazon Style" brand.


If you’re looking for something original inside the luxury world, Farfetch is the app to go to. With editorially chosen products purchased directly by the app, the high-end application is one of the most popular among fashion lovers and the one everyone talks about in the hearst digital media. Follow your favorite designers, create your wishlist, and acquire curated pieces from the most famous luxury brands. Farfetch proposes a small bio, story about each designer, and a high editorial newsletter. It has very accurate descriptions of the products and can offer direct contact with their customer service help in case you need assistance or guidance in buying any product. This shopping experience is for high-end and unique pieces and can be found on iOS and Android platforms.

Good On You

Slow fashion is part of the "slow movement," which stands for ecological sustainability, respect for animals, and care for the people who create them. Thus, slow fashion opposes itself to the mass production of clothing. One of the most known slow fashion apps is Good On You, available for Android and iOS devices. With this service, you can get acquainted with slow fashion brands, leave reviews, and buy clothes with special discounts. Each manufacturer receives an "ethical rating" in the app based on parameters that determine their sustainability, including data from Greenpeace, Carbon Trust, and other NGOs.


And what about second hand? After all, there are many people who prefer to spend less and buy clothes in the secondary market. And for them there are already a number of applications. For example, Android and iOS app Poshmark. It's a social shopping platform that started out of a garage and has since become one of the leading digital marketplaces for selling and buying second hand clothing in the US, Canada, Australia and India. You can buy on it not only clothes, but also design objects and household appliances. The creators of Poshmark position this service as a community of fashion lovers and professionals who can exchange ideas, learn from each other and present their collections.


Flyp (available for iOS) is an application for selling designer and branded second-hand clothes with a revolutionary concept. The idea is that users who want to sell their garments and accessories do not have to look for buyers and communicate directly with them. Professional intermediary sellers do all the work for them: you need to take a photo of your clothes and place them on the platform. PRO sellers will contact you with an offer to take them for sale for a specific individual commission. Artificial Intelligence will help you find the best PRO seller.


One of the most used shopping mobile apps, the German-based fashion app store Zalando will help you save money with their great discounts and amazing selection. What makes this shopping app unique is how they offer fairly priced clothing, with selected pieces often taken from different known brands and offered in a wide range of sizes and pricing. The app is easy to use, it allows you to save your favorite pieces, and has free shipping in most cases. Over time, the app will recognize your tastes and favorite brands, allowing you to have a more tailored selection. Their customer service is fast and responsive. Definitely, the app to have if you're looking for a good balance between price and quality. It's available both for Android and iOS.

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