Everything you need to know about ChatGPT: Plus, API, GPT-4

Everything you need to know about ChatGPT: Plus, API, GPT-4

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that is revolutionizing predictive typing. It was created by Open AI, a company founded by Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs who released the advanced version of ChatGPT Plus. The company also announced a ChatGPT API version for developers and the newest GPT-4 system, the engine behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT conversational artificial intelligence has been making a lot of noise since its release in December 2022. Accessible for free to everyone on the Internet, it impresses with its ability to answer questions in a comprehensive and natural way and to solve many problems, so much so that users have a lot of fun asking it for essays, code, lists, articles and even homework.

Who created ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a project of OpenAI, a non-profit organization created in 2015 to help make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a friendly and useful technology, according to its founders.

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT is based on the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) artificial intelligence language model, which was developed for use in various natural language processing tasks such as text generation, translation, or code generation. According to Stanford University, it uses a huge amount of knowledge: 570 gigabytes of text and more than 175 million parameters. Thanks to this, this technology is able to give answers and create texts from several paragraphs, change the style and tone (simplifying or complicating), or understand the nuances of the context in order to offer the most appropriate answers in accurate and coherent language. ChatGPT understands English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French and other languages.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and a search engine?

As mentioned above, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that can converse with the end user, and a search engine, such as Google allows the user to search the World Wide Web for specific sites based on keywords and characters that the user has entered. 

When was ChatGPT released?

OpenAI created the first version of its GPT pre-trained language system in 2018, GPT-2 version arrived in 2019, GPT-3 in 2020, which led to ChatGPT, and in 2022, it was upgraded to GPT- 3.5. Everything indicates that in 2023, the new version of GPT-4 will be launched with greater precision in the generation of text, summaries, automatic translation, and answers to complex questions, among other novelties. Apart from all the tasks it can perform on its own, ChatGPT is also a feature that can be integrated into other applications and services, so a developer version of the ChatGPT API will be released soon, which we will discuss below.

How is Microsoft involved with ChatGPT?

Microsoft is one of the companies that have bet on the future of this tool, including it in both its Edge browser and Bing search engine. Millions of people have already signed up on a waiting list ahead of Bing's imminent release. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that "AI will revolutionize every category of software, starting with the (internet search) universe." You can find more info about Bing on the Microsoft page, where you can sign up for the waitlist.

What can ChatGPT do?

This tool is capable of performing many language-related tasks, such as:

  • Answer questions based on knowledge accumulated in millions of gigabytes of text.
  • Maintain natural and contextual conversations on any topic.
  • Prepare complex structured texts, but also fun, literary...
  • Modify complex texts using more straightforward concepts to make them easy to understand.
  • Translate text to programmatic commands.
  • Classify texts and articles.
  • Classify tweets according to the emotions that can be inferred from them.
  • Extract key concepts from documents.
  • Convert movie titles to emojis.
  • Translate programming languages.
  • Reproduce conversations between subjects with different types of relationships.
  • Change the grammatical person in which a text is written.
  • Create reviews for restaurants, articles, emails, etc., from a few keywords.

Can I chat with ChatGPT?

God in a Box is a tool that integrates ChatGPT and has been designed in such a way that you can chat with this tool directly on WhatsApp. Log in to the Internet, fill in your personal information, and a ChatGPT contact will appear on your WhatsApp. The service is free for up to 10 messages per month and requires payment for unlimited use.

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What can you do with ChatGPT?

The possibilities for using ChatGPT are endless, and the more people use and develop it, its effectiveness will increase. We will give you below some exciting examples of its use. You can try it yourself, but remember, never share personal data because everything you write is saved. And yet, always critically interpret the answers because ChatGPT is a robot, and its decisions and tips can sometimes be inaccurate.

Write emails
Yes, you read that right, ChatGPT can be your secretary. You just need to give it a specific task, such as "Send an email to let David know that the meeting tomorrow at 10 am has been confirmed". After that, reviewing the content is recommended; as you can see, these are relatively simple email requests, but they can greatly speed up your day-to-day work.

Get structures for writing texts
ChatGPT can offer content organization to expand the topic in the text. You just need to indicate the topic and say, for example, "I want a structure to write a text about Google."

Write texts
You can also ask him to write the whole text. The more general and accessible the topic, the more information ChatGPT will be able to find through AI, and the more reliable the result will be. Ideally, you need to orient it by size, number of words, or paragraphs. For example, ask him to "write a 1000-word essay about photosynthesis". However, having access to a vast amount of contextual information, in many cases, it can take into account the details and circumstances and not straightforwardly interpret the problem as a more primitive robot would.

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Create scripts for social media videos
If you are an influencer, pretending to be one, or just going to record a video with some information, you can ask ChatGPT to create a script for you both to organize content and plan. In this case, you can ask him, for example, "make me a script for a YouTube video with a pumpkin soup recipe."

Create textbooks
As well as the script for the video tutorial, you can also get a text tutorial from ChatGPT. It can be a manual or a recipe, such as "send me a step-by-step pizza recipe" or "make me a guide on how to format my Mac step by step."

Compose poetry
​ChatGPT also has poetic features. It is enough to give him a topic and ask him to write a poem on the topic you need, for example, "write a poem about the waves of the sea".

Change the tone or style of the text
For example, you can ask ChatGPT to transform a text into a more formal style or adapt it to a type of slang or accent.

Track and compare data online
​​​​​​Use this tool as a search assistant that you can ask specific questions such as "tell me the best series of 2022", "what are the symptoms of covid-19," or "I want to compare the features of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14". It can also serve as a shopping assistant that can help you to choose, for example, a phone, a car, or a washing machine among the many options.

Create lists of sources
These sources can be web pages or other types of sources. For example, you can ask ChatGPT, "what are the top five car websites in the US" or "tell me the most reliable sources for checking the weather."

Job applications

You can use ChatGPT to help your write your cover letter and improve your CV. ChatGPT can create a cover letter based on the information that you give it. You can explain your relevant experiences for the post and then include the job description. It is recommended that you read through what is produced and then rewrite and adapt it into your own words. 

How can you access ChatGPT?

  • To use ChatGPT, first, download the app. You can also use it directly on OpenAI website.
  • Once you are inside ChatGPT, the first thing you will have to do is create an account. For it, enter an email address.
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  • The program will send you an email that you must validate.
  • Then, you will be required to provide a phone number to receive a final validation code.
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Once you are inside, you just need to ask ChatGPT a question and it will answer you.

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If you are not convinced by the answer you can click on Renew the answer. Usually, the chatbot will answer you in the language in which you ask or request the information, however, if this is not the case, you can directly say "talk to me in Spanish" or "talk to me in English" to change languages.

Remember that all the information you give will be recorded to continue training the assistant, so be careful with what information you give them.

What does it mean when ChatGPT is at capacity?

As a result of the popularity of ChatGPT, it is occasionally "at capacity". This signifies that there is such a strong demand for the service that the ChatGPT servers are struggling to keep up with the demand. You may need to wait several minutes or even longer before you can access the service. 

How much does ChatGPT cost?

As we showed above, for the moment, everyone can test the AI ​​for free with a simple registration – and Internet users around the world have not hesitated to ask it countless questions. So much so that the AI ​​is regularly overwhelmed with requests, and it is then impossible to access it. But, since it costs millions of dollars a day to operate, its creators have quickly considered setting up a paid subscription ChatGPT Plus. OpenAI has set a monthly fee of USD$20 for those who want to benefit from the advanced features of ChatGPT Plus

What are ChatGPT's Plus features?

The Plus version of ChatGPT offers its users:

  • Priority access to all the news and updates on ChatGPT.
  • Better performance with the use of language, such as a better understanding of the demands and, therefore, better responses.
  • Quick and fluid responses, without 'accelerations'.
  • Priority access to new features.
  • It allows you to always be online.
  • The maximum number of daily messages is twice the limit of the free version.
  • It is compatible with more advanced applications such as automated question response systems, text summaries, and even sentiment analysis.
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Is ChatGPT worth it?

ChatGPT being very useful for certain professions, there is no doubt that the paid offer should quickly find its audience. On the other hand, its high price is likely to discourage students, and this is perhaps not a bad thing. Students have been known to use ChatGPT as a way to save time for writing homework. It has already been banned in New York universities and cases of cheating have already been spotted in France. It is important to remember that the tool still makes a lot of mistakes and that Sam Altman, one of the co-founders of OpenAI, himself said that it was "incredibly limited, but good enough at certain things to create a deceptive impression of grandeur" and that it would be "a mistake to rely on it for anything important at this time."

Will ChatGPT be used in social media?

In February, Snapchat released "My AI" a ChatGPT based AI bot. This is a mobile-friendly version of ChatGPT that allows users to ask it simple questions. The answers are somewhat limited and won't reply with any swearing, violence, explicit content and more. The bot is currently only available for Snapchat Plus subscribers, however it should eventually be released to all of Snapchat's users. 

How to get ChatGPT Plus?

OpenAI announced on February 1 the arrival of ChatGPT Plus version. The first to receive access to Chat GPT Plus were people who had signed up for the specific OpenAI waiting list, although at the moment the service is only available in the United States and will be coming soon to other countries. To access the advanced version, you first have to access the chat.OpenAI home page and then log in if you are already registered (Log in) or create your new user account (Sign up).

What is ChatGPT API?

ChatGPT API is the version of the AI language processing chat developed by OpenAI, but in API (Application Programming Interfaces) format, that is, an application programming interface that allows developers to include ChatGPT in their programs and apps. It's not available yet, but if you want to be one of the first to have it, you can sign up for the waiting list.

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