Top money earning apps 2022: real, without investment

Top money earning apps 2022: real, without investment

More and more people are starting a side hustle to generate extra income, and many of them are looking to make money online. Luckily there are several popular apps created to help you do just that. In this article we'll give you an overview of our top 10.

Before introducing these apps it's important to point out two things. First, exercise caution when using these apps or others like them because there are many fake one that promise you a fortune, but in the end just steal your information. Second, while these apps are useful to make small amounts of money, your earning potential is limited. If you have bigger money making goals, these are not the best options for you.


Musely is an online marketplace for organic beauty products for women. This app offers personalized advice on skin care products and includes a store to find the best products for you. You can also become a seller or influencer and create your own online store to generate an income. You will earn a commission of 20% of all your sales. These payments are made automatically between the 1st and 15th of each month.

musely app
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You can download Musely here if you are using Android or here if you have an iOS device.


Userfeel is a great app to make some extra money, and it's very simple to use. This app compensated you for carrying out user tests. For each test completed you will earn around $10 via PayPal. You should anticipate to spend between 10 and 20 minutes for each test. You goal is to explore web pages, an app, or something similar and then to raise flags to the owner for what does and doesn't work. Testing can be completed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can download Userfeel here if you are using Android or here if you have an iOS device.


Toluna is a market research app that conducts studies with the help of millions of users who exchange information for money. Influencers on this app review their top items for insights about a product and company. Toluna lets you earn extra money by simply taking surveys or even creating your own. Most payments are received in points that can be redeemed gifts and cash payments.

You can download Toluna here for Android phones or here for iOS devices.


Bookscouter is an app for selling and reselling books. You'll find a wide catalog of old and new works, so if you're a bookworm this might be a good match for you to bring in some extra money! Simply register in the app and you can put the books you have on sale to generate some of that much needed cash.

You can download Bookscouter here for Android or here if you have an iOS device.

Fluid Truck Share

Fluid Truck Share is a shared economy app that lets you rent vans, 4X4 trucks, and other vehicles for hours or days. If you have a vehicle that you don't use much or one that you would like to rent at certain times (i.e. on weekends). To get started just register on the site, post your vehicle, and wait for your first rental. Some users have earned up to $24,000 a year!

fluid truck share
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You can find Fluid Market for Android here or for iOS devices here.


Slidejoy is an app that pays you to use their lock screen service which displays news and personalized ads while your phone is locked. You are compensated in exchange, regardless of whether you open the news articles or ads that appear. Slidejoy makes payments via Square Cash or PayPal, but you must have been using the app at least three months with regular use.

You can download Slidejoy here for Android.


Swagbucks is a market research app that offers you money in exchange for completing surveys, making online purchases, trying video games on mobile devices, or simply watching videos. It's a very simple and straightforward way to get some extra money in your hand. Payments are made in gift cards from popular retailers such as: Amazon, BestBuy, WalMart, Starbucks, and more.

Find Swagbucks here for Android or here for iOS.


Foap is a crowdsourcing app designed for professional and amateur photographers who want to make money selling the photos. This app lets you create a virtual portfolio of your best photos that can be shared with large companies around the world. Many advertising, communications, and marketing firms will generally pay between $5 to $100 for each photo.

foap app
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You can download Foap here for your Android or by clicking on here for iOS devices.


iPoll is similar to Swagbucks — it offers you the opportunity to generate extra income in exchange for completing surveys or other tasks focused on retail. Once you set your preferences and consumption habits, iPoll will start sending you tasks and surveys for which you will be compensated via PayPal or gift cards.

You can download iPoll on Google Play for Android devices or here for iOS devices.

Money App

Money App is one of the best known apps for making money online. This app pays you for tasks such as answering questionnaires, writing reviews, trying games/products, or investigating how products are displayed in a specific store. Payments are made through PayPal and, unlike other apps, the money comes within a few days of starting to use the app. No need to wait months before your first payment.

You can download the Money App here if you use Android or here if you have an iOS device.

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