Top nutrition apps of 2022: free, weight loss, for diabetics

Top nutrition apps of 2022: free, weight loss, for diabetics

Healthy eating can gradually improve our immune system, energy levels and mood. Even though some of us are still working out and eating most of our time at home, a functional app can make the difference to focus on our meals and workouts and plan it according to our lifestyle. In this article we will look at some of the best diet apps for a healthy lifestyle.

How to lose weight?

It is important to know that losing weight does not mean eating less, starving yourself or over exercising. It is important to be realistic and keep a healthy meal plan according to your needs to understand what is ideal to eat and not how much we eat.

Eating is meant to be enjoyed and having the tools to do a proper meal can make a big difference in your lifestyle. If one of your New Year resolutions is to lose some weight or create fitness goals to improve your body and eating habits, you can make it easier with the help of some diet apps that will guide you to keep track of your food intake and fitness goals.

8Fit workout and meal planner

8fit is our favorite app to begin a new healthy lifestyle, this app offers programs that can help you lose weight and improve your eating habits. It understands the particular needs of your body to create a proper program and meal plans that can guarantee better results and help you achieve your goals.

The app fills out a complete questionnaire to adjust the planning for each user depending on their lifestyle, physical activity and medical conditions. It offers a set of customized exercise videos and sessions and meal plans that can vary from under 10 minutes prep, five ingredients or less, family-friendly and more. It allows you to log in your daily activities and keep track of your progress, receive notifications and sync with the Health app for iPhone.

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If you’re ready to begin a journey towards a healthier lifestyle this app has it all to guide you. The basic plan is for free and offers the fitness exercises alone, the premium version which adds the meal plans can be acquired for $25. Is Available in the Play Store and Apple Store.

Lose it!

Lose it! App is mainly focused on the food you eat with a daily food diary displaying all the logins of your day and tracking calories as well as nutrients. You can set up your weight loss goals, and follow a suggested meal plan that can help you reach it. With an extent food database, simply keep track of your daily ingest and see the comparisons of previous days or suggestions to improve your diet.

Their unique feature; exercise kilojoules, a balanced routine that matches your meal intake with the amount of exercise you need in order to achieve your goal or keep up with your current weight. It also allows you to message and find motivation with a social community, groups and friends all inside directly from the app.

The app has a free version with a few limitations and an annual subscription of 39.99$ for a premium version which offers other goals categories, tips and customizations.


Noom is a food journal made with personalized weight loss goals. Compared to other apps, the main focus of Noom is to change the users' relationships with food, creating a more healthy approach and establishing meals that are accessible and tasty. The diet app creates an ideal meal plan after a full demographic profile including your availability, health risks, location, habits and behaviors.

The app will teach users proper nutrition and the importance of balancing meals with categories and classifications that can make us understand the positive or negative impact of food. Make a healthy relationship with food by learning about caloric density at the same time you eat what you want with small breaks once in a while. Another positive feature; connect with nutritionist expertes online to keep you motivated and informed.

noom app
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Happy Scale

Happy Scale was created by an independent developer called Russ who began working on the app to begin his own journey to lose 100 pounds. The motivation of his journey and the success of losing weight inspired him to share this app for other users to create a more peaceful relationship with the scale. No meal planning or exercises are offered in this app, only motivation and a big community that can help everyone with their weight loss goals.

Conquer your scale anxiety at a slow pace, log in your improvements and follow the motivational messages that will help you tame the scale! This app is a perfect supplement to add for your losing weight journey, sync it with the Apple health app and the best part? It’s for free and you can find it exclusively at the Apple Store.


MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps to track calories and improve food intake, this can help you lose or maintain weight based on how active or passive your lifestyle is. The app works both as a mobile app and a website using the same personal account. To keep the food journal simple, the app has the most complete food database to log in your food consumption, including brands and portions, creating the most accurate result. The app creates reports and feedback on your meals as well as a fitness tracker that compares your activity with your calorie ingestion. What makes it unique, is not being a traditional diet program but a complete nutrition plan so the user alone can see the benefits or negative impacts of their food intake.

my fitness pal
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Lose or maintain weight based on how active or passive is your lifestyle, the one month free trial offers a complete guide for meal planning and a Pro subscription adds fitness plans and a more detailed nutrition report, you can download it.


With a fun and cheerful design, Yazio is a charming app to help you lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle. Is one of the simplest diet apps to use which makes a new lifestyle journey more enjoyable. Each user logs in their information and sets their personal goal; lose weight, increase muscle or simply maintain a weight with a healthy approach. It doesn’t eliminate the calorie intake, but finds a balance between the right amount of fats and our favorite meals.

To begin, simply log your meals for the app to review the nutrients and needed improvements to feel the desirable changes in the body along with an estimated date to reach them. It offers different programs to vary your weight loss journey, from recipes, shopping lists, fasting programs or coach tips for additional motivation. The application works with your location and includes a barcode scanner to reveal local product’s nutritional information to easily log them into your food journal. 

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