How to adopt a pet: useful websites and apps

How to adopt a pet: useful websites and apps

Thinking of adopting a pet? It is common to have questions about their care and behavior. In this case, you should know that with your computer or mobile device you can access a world of advice, friendships, and even first aid information. Keep reading to find out our top sites that will help you take care of your loved one.


Wamiz offers guidance to those who already have a pet or those looking to adopt one. On its website, you’ll find everything you need to know about cats & dogs, from nutrition, traits, exercises, educational tips, trivia, news, health advice, and more. Using their wide breed catalog, you can get to know your best friend’s secrets and needs, both physical and psychological. This website can also help you understand why some breeds tend to have certain traits compared to others, and how knowing this can help you educate your puppy accordingly. You can learn more about their behavior, like their ability to cope with loneliness, this can be particularly useful if you spend a lot of time away from home.

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Wamiz offers an adoption guide, where you can find which breed is best suited to your lifestyle and if you can’t decide on a name they have a generator with fun and cool names for cats and dogs. It should be noted that adoption is one of the key focuses of the organization behind Wamiz. This is why the platform offers support and guidance for the types of facilities where you can adopt an animal in need of a family, with detailed information about each animal, such as its location, personality, and importantly, some photos. 


Are you traveling and don’t want to leave your furry one home alone? DogHero is a super app that helps you find a loving person that will sit and cuddle your pet while you're away. The app describes itself as a home nursery service and has a network of loving users that go through a rigorous selection process to be considered a proper furry host. In addition, the hosts available in DogHero are qualified and offer a veterinary guarantee, and photos of the time your pet spends at the hosting home, this way you can make sure they are properly taken care of!

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DogHero is a free app and it's available for IOS and Android.


This specialized website is designed for the pet-loving community, offering a wide range of options, such as forums, beauty tips, basic care guides, and curiosities. The website AnimalWised has the particularity of including different species, beyond dogs and cats, which makes it a reference site for those who have rabbits, horses, or other animals or simply have curiosity and desire to learn a little bit more about the animal world.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of adopting a furry friend just yet, Petfinder will make this road easy for you. If you’re located in North America, this site offers daily updates of animals looking for adoption in more than 11,000 certified homes and centers. Their site is easy to navigate and doesn’t stop with cats and dogs, you can look for aquatic animals, farm animals, horses, and more. The website will show you the pets that are looking for a home close to you, with pictures and descriptions of all of the traits the pets have, it makes it easier for those who don’t know where to start but are keen to adopt. To make things even more fun, you can take a quiz that can more easily direct you into what breed or animal is better suited for you, this way is a win-win!

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Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is an indispensable tool for those who have cats or dogs at home. This app is designed to guide you in the care and step-by-step needed for medication or health treatments, and just in case, first aid care for various scenarios. With these tools in hand, you can save the life of your furry friend in a given emergency situation (not that we hope for). Besides, the app allows you to identify triggers or indicators of health issues, and locate nearby veterinary clinics and program checkups and vaccines, among other safety tips. Pet First Aid is free and available for IOS and Android.

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