Online medical apps: consultation, medical records

Online medical apps: consultation, medical records

Telemedicine has become a new reality, especially in the context of a pandemic. Sometimes you have some minor health issues and all you need is just a short consultation with a doctor or a prescription for a medication. Video sessions, online therapy, and doctors on-demand are perfect solutions since they can save your and your doctor's time. In this article, we gathered the top 5 online medical apps to deal with your health issues online.

Doctor On Demand

Video consultations with licensed specialists

Doctor on Demand is one of the best telemedicine apps that provide medical care both on-demand and by appointment. Thanks to the service, you can get a video consultation with a licensed specialist about your health issues, whether it’s the flu, allergies, headaches, any chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and so on. You can also receive help for your mental health and get a consultation with a therapist or psychiatrist. The app accepts all major health insurances including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare.

You can download the Doctor on Demand app for Android, iOS or use the desktop version.


Women's healthcare

Maven is an app specially designed for women to get the women’s healthcare “digital clinic” right at their doorstep. It is a perfect solution for women who live far from a clinic or just don’t have time to physically go there. The licensed specialists of Maven take care of general women’s health issues, sex problems, fertility, nutrition, pregnancy, postpartum, lactation concerns as well as pediatric health care. The pricing starts from $18 for a short 10-minutes nurse/midwife practitioner up to $70 for a therapy session or $90 for a consultation with a psychiatric nurse practitioner. The app is also available in various languages which makes it practical for non-English speaking women.

You can download Maven for Android and iOS devices here.


Supported by most insurance companies

Teladoc is a quick and convenient solution for minor health issues and some small injuries. You can choose the doctor and make a video call or even just a phone call depending on your state. The app works with many major insurance companies. No worries if you are not insured: the service fee is slightly below the market level – the flat cost for an appointment is $75. Another advantage of the app is that if you need a basic prescription, the doctor can write you one if he finds it appropriate. This way you don’t have to spend much time and money queueing in the doctor’s office.

teladoc app
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You can download Teladoc for Android and iOS devices.


Take care of your mental health

In difficult times it’s crucial to take care of your mental health. That’s why you might be interested in the Talkspace app that provides counseling sessions for different issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, childhood abuse, eating disorders, OCD, trauma & grief, LGBTQIA+, parenting, and relationships, and more. The system gathered more than 2000 licensed therapists and psychiatrists who perform individual or couple sessions as well as counseling for teenagers. The interesting feature is that the therapy can be conducted not only via video calls but also by text and audio messaging. The service can be covered by your employee health insurance plan.


Urgent help, psychiatry, pediatrics, and more

Amwell is the most full-fledged app for telemedicine. With it, you can choose a doctor or a provider, get urgent help, or start therapy. The good news is that they accept insurance from more than 40 popular providers and it can cover almost all the costs. Amwell covers a wide range of health issues, such as urgent help, pediatrics, psychiatry, counseling, women’s healthcare, breastfeeding support, and so on.

You can download Amwell on your Android and iOS devices or use a desktop version.

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