Top Telegram bots to save you time: for channels, groups

Top Telegram bots to save you time: for channels, groups

"Chatbots" are programming interfaces in Telegram that combine artificial intelligence and originality to generate automatic conversations. Want to know more? Here is a compilation of the best Telegram bots.

Alert Bot

Alert Bot lets you create handy alerts. You can schedule them for any time of the day, any week, or any month. This might be useful if you want to be notified of an important message to send via Telegram or WhatsApp. You can start a chat with Alert Bot here.


This chatbot creates disposable email addresses. You can use it to receive confidential files or for anonymous registrations on different websites where you don't want your real email to be shown. You can access @dropmailbot here.

URL Uploader bot

Many people think that Telegram bots are only made for information. However, this tool is even used to facilitate routine tasks, such as uploading files to the cloud. With @uploadbot you can save files without wasting data from your network connection. This Telegram bot gives you access to those files, and even allows you to use magnet links from torrents (to do that, you have to convert the magnet link into a URL and then copy the URL). The free version of this bot has a 500 MB limit and allows you to manage up to 1 GB daily.

To find out which topics are getting more movement in social networks, @nowtrendingbot is the ideal tool, as it allows you to take a quick look at YouTube, Google and Twitter trends without leaving Telegram.

Feed Reader bot

One of the most interesting chatbots on Telegram is the @thefeedreaderbot, with which you can follow up to 10 websites or social network profiles for free. This bot, inspired by the Feedly feed reader, is ideal for keeping up with the latest news that interests you the most, in a selective way and without being exposed to the endless cascade of information generated by the web and digital media every minute.


Telegram allows you to store files, but also to send those files to people who do not have a Telegram. With the @Tghost_bot you can upload files and get a link to share them with whoever you want, regardless of whether it is someone who uses Telegram or not, similar to WeTransfer and other file sharing platforms. With this bot you can also get links to large files to, for example, put them directly on your website to save space on your server.

PDF bot

Need to cut, rotate, encrypt or watermark a PDF? With @pdfbot you can do all that and more without even leaving Telegram. This bot is perfect for working with PDF documents from the file itself or from a web page, all for free. PDF bot complements To PDF bot (@topdf_bot), with which you can convert any document in .doc, .txt, and even JPEG images to PDF.


You may have come up with a great idea by reading these recommendations and want to start your own bot. If so, we recommend using @BotFather, a tool that helps you to create bots but requires some technical knowledge.

What are the best audio and text bots?

Telegram lovers have a long list of bots designed to work with audio and text at the same time. For example, with @voicybot you can convert audio into text. To do it the other way around and convert text into audio in the Loquendo style, you can use @TexTSBot. If you want to translate phrases or messages without leaving Telegram, try Yandex Translate (@ytranslatebot) – you can invoke this bot in any conversation to translate on the fly.

How to download videos and audio?

There is currently a long list of Telegram bots designed to download videos, audio and music from different platforms. These are our favorites:

  • @FBvidzBot: This bot allows you to download videos from Facebook in an easy and simple way;
  • @Twittervid_bot: The ideal bot if you need to download a video from Twitter;
  • @Getmediabot: This bot is used to download Instagram videos without leaving Telegram;
  • @Vkmusic_bot: A spectacular bot to download any song.
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