Design a poster online: free, with Canva, without watermark

Design a poster online: free, with Canva, without watermark

If you need to create a poster, either to promote an event or to decorate your home, you should know that there are many programs that allow you to do it from your laptop or mobile, in a few steps and with a professional finish, completely free. In this article we recommend the best ones and the easiest to use.

How to create a poster online for free?

Currently there are many software programs available that l allow you to express your creativity to the fullest. Once you have decided what images you want to use and what text you are going to include, these programs will offer you templates with different designs totally customizable in terms of color, font, image structure and much more. Read on to find out which one interests you the most.


Canva is a design application aimed at inexperienced and advanced users. The program includes more than 60.000 templates, hundreds of them dedicated exclusively to posters (concerts, offers, conferences or promotions...) but it also allows you to start from scratch.

Start by choosing the size you want for your poster, then add the images you want including filters, transparencies, color changes, etc. Finally, choose the typeface from the hundreds of available fonts and download your poster in the format you prefer and share it directly by mail or on social networks. Canva is completely free: you only need to register on the site, which will save all your creations in case you need them later. Star using Canva.


PosterMyWall is an online program that allows you to create personalized posters, photo collages, photo cards and much more. It contains a multitude of templates for each type of design, including a variety of backgrounds so you can insert the text that suits you best. You can then add images from the ones available in their search engine or by uploading your own, and you can even use moving images, in case you want to create a digital poster. Then, experiment with fonts, size and colors, among the dozens of styles available.

This program allows you to personalize your poster as much as possible and then download it to share it on networks or print it in maximum quality. It is totally free, although it includes a watermark. If you prefer it without a watermark, you can get it starting at 10 dollars a month. Start trying PosterMyWall.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most popular and well-known design tool in the world. If you have some experience with design, this is undoubtedly your platform, since it allows you to experiment to the maximum and print with the best finish in all possible sizes.

As you know, it allows you not only to upload images, but to edit them by applying all kinds of filters and effects, colorize old photos, removing objects, etc. Obviously, this is a program for professional use and its handling requires some practice, so we recommend it only if you are already experienced. In any case, you can try Photoshop for free.

Block Posters

With Block Posters you can create giant posters from your favorite images. It is a tool that allows you to cut your digital photos into several parts to make a full size poster. Its operation is very simple: first, choose the images you like from your files or on the Internet. Then, upload them to Block Posters to go to step number two, which consists of dividing your photo into several pieces. Each of these pieces will be exported and converted into a PDF file that you will print out separately. Afterwards, you'll just have to put them together like a puzzle until you have your giant poster.

For a better quality resolution with the least amount of pixels it is preferable to choose a high quality and good resolution image. This way, you will be able to decorate the walls of your room with your favorite images and give a very personal style to your decoration. Create your poster in Block Posters.

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