CES 2024: highlights, dates, innovations

CES 2024: highlights, dates, innovations

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas remains an opportunity to discover the main technological innovations of the year. Below, you will find all the practical information about this year's event. The article will be updated with the selection of the main announcements from the 2024 edition later on.

What is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)?

Since its creation in the late 1960s, CES has continued to grow in size to become an unmissable global high-tech event. The winter edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is traditionally held in January in Las Vegas, has become the showcase where all the upcoming tech of the year are exhibited. The players of the tech world scramble to preview their upcoming novelties, whether electronic products, digital services or even concepts. Builders, publishers, creators of start-ups, resellers, media and - sometimes - politicians rush here not to miss out on any upcoming innovations. Although CES isn't only about consumer electronics, but also about bringing together all kinds of fields ranging from 5G to artificial intelligence, including connected objects, health, sport, robotics, 3D printing, drones, security and even transport.

As always, CES constitutes a privileged framework for identifying the main market trends. For the actors, it is above all an opportunity to exhibit their products, technologies and innovations, and to make international announcements, especially at major conferences. Some, like Samsung and LG, did not wait for the official opening to unveil new products, just to take full advantage of the resonance chamber that constitutes this show, which is widely covered by the press. Here is a small selection of announcements, which will grow naturally over the days and hours. Note that you can find all the product launches on a dedicated page of the official CES website.

When is CES 2024?

The show was held remotely in 2021 for the first time in its history. Although 2022 was supposed to mark the return of CES in its standard version, the advance of the Omicron variant changed the situation a few days before the inauguration and several important players, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta (ex-Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest and Lenovo all dropped out at the last minute, with many settling for a "virtual" presence. Despite the situation, the organizers went ahead with the event by shortening it by one day, only that it lasted one day less than planned. Thus, CES 2022 was held from January 5 to 7, with some 2,200 exhibitors, following the relevant sanitary measures to receive visitors in optimal conditions.

Everything was back to "normal" for the 2023 edition, the fair was open to the public from January 5th to January 8th, a more typical show length - remembering that January 3rd and 4th were reserved for the media, which allowed journalists and other communication experts to cover the event without being impeded by the crowds of visitors. This year, the show will take place from January 9th to January 12th.

How to watch the CES 2024 conferences live?

Like any large trade fair, CES is an opportunity for market players to present their new products and innovations. And despite the sometimes surprising absence of some big brands, most of the major players, like AMD or Nvidia, will speak at the conferences. Some of them are reserved for a select audience, which will obviously be present on-site, but others will be streamed online in parallel and will be accessible to all. This is the case of Nvidia's conference, which will take place this Monday, January 8, at 11 AM (EST), and will be streamed live on YouTube.

As for Sony, the Japanese giant will be present at CES and will broadcast its conference live for the whole world through its YouTube channel. You will be able to watch other events on Monday, January 8 at 8 PM (EST), check the CES official YouTube page. We'll tell you more about this year's events and innovations later on.

What new gadgets were announced at CES 2024?

LG Signature OLED T TV: a transparent TV

Seems like something surreal, but LG's OLED T is a 77-inch wireless transparent TV. If you don't like the giant black screen at home, this LG TV is a perfect solution. Its front panel is transparent, with an adjustable opaque contrast screen behind it, so you can regulate the transparency for a unique visual experience. When fully transparent or turned off, the screen virtually disappears, blending seamlessly with the surroundings. LG has yet to announce the release date or price for this innovative TV. 

© LG

Jackery Solar Mars Bot: a robot with solar panels that follows the sun

Imagine that solar panels can follow the sun. Jackery Solar Mars Bot is a robot that tracks bright light and navigates outdoor spaces following the sun. It features a folding solar array in motion and expands while stationary. Equipped with multiple cameras, it avoids obstacles. The robot also can charge at user-defined locations and is manually movable. It's a great solution to gather as much eco-friendly energy as possible during the daytime.

Jackery Solar Mars Bot
© Jackery

Samsung Music Frame

If you are not a fan of classic speakers that take up a lot of space at home and don't always look very pretty, Samsung has a solution. Its Music Frame is the home speaker with a minimalist, artistic approach reminiscent of The Frame TV. Encased in a box resembling a picture frame, it features a customizable front print. It connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and pairs with Samsung TVs and soundbars. 

Samsung music frame
© Samsung

Rabbit R1 AI: an AI-powered anti-cellphone

The Rabbit R1 is the antithesis of a classic cell phone, featuring a compact 2.88-inch touchscreen, a rotating camera, and an analog wheel. Operable through voice commands thanks to its built-in AI assistant, the device houses a 2.3GHz MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal memory, and a full-day battery life. Capabilities include making calls, sending messages, and even ordering a taxi. The device's concept is straightforward: a reliance on a robust personal AI assistant rather than numerous apps to navigate life. Preorders for the device are already available for only $199.

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14: a new generation gaming laptop

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 is the latest iteration of one of the best gaming laptops. It features a more elegant design, it weighs only 3.3 pounds – the lightest yet. The one-piece aluminum frame enhances its travel-friendly appeal. Notable upgrades include a customizable light strip on the lid and an OLED panel for richer colors and contrast compared to previous models.

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

Baracoda's BMind: a smart mirror for mental wellness

The French company Baracoda, who since 2014 has been producing connected objects such as toothbrushes, mirrors, and scales, has just announced a new device: the BMind, the world's first AI-driven smart mirror dedicated to mental wellness. Functioning as a health companion, it discerns moods and helps in stress management. Powered by smart mirror software on the CareOS platform, BMind offers personalized recommendations and experiences tailored to the user's mental state. Users can communicate with it via gestures and voice commands. 

Baracoda BMind
© Baracoda

Samsung Flex In & Out Flip smartphone: a cell phone that can bend

Samsung has unveiled a device Flex In & Out Flip, an innovative smartphone, the display of which can bend in both directions. Both sides of the device function as a touchscreen display: one screen acts as both a large internal and external display. Samsung developers noted that the device can work even at extreme temperatures: from -20 to +60 °C, and even when immersed in water or interacting with sand.

Samsung flex in and out flip smartphone
© Samsung

LG's Zero Labor Home robot: an AI agent that takes care of the housework

LG has introduced a robot companion as part of its Zero Labor Home concept that aims to liberate users from household chores. This mobile device, equipped with cameras and sensors, monitors various household aspects from appliance operation to air quality and pet behavior. It can also greet the owner at the door, analyze emotions via face and voice recognition, and respond with suitable actions such as playing music or reminding of medication schedules, enhancing the user's well-being.

LG Zero Labor Home
© LG