Top apps to learn coding on your smartphone

Top apps to learn coding on your smartphone

Thanks to modern technology, computer programming (a.k.a. coding) has become accessible to everybody, not just the computer whizzes amongst us. In the following 'How To' guide, we'll introduce a selection of 5 apps that take different approaches teaching you to code using just your smartphone. Even though an app cannot replace professional courses, they will enable the user to obtain a basic skill level and understanding of coding thanks to their fun exercises.


With over 1,000 classes available for both iOS and Android, SoloLearn is one of the most comprehensive apps for learning to code and it’s free! The app offers numerous tutorials for the most common programming languages-both basic and advanced including C++, CSS, HTML, Python, JavaScript, and SQL and learning is made easy through a series of exercises and quizzes. SoloLearn is also a blog and forum enabling learners and experienced coders to answer questions and swap tips. This app is suitable for both beginners and more advanced coders alike.


For those of you wanting to learn numerous different programming languages, Progate is the app for you. Offering courses in 14 different coding languages, it is no surprise that the Progate app is used worldwide by over 100,000 users. The tutorials which are suitable for both beginners and experienced coders, are presented in slide format providing a more visual learning experience. Each tutorial lasts about one and a half hours and as with other apps, exercises are also available to practice. A monthly subscription is necessary to use Progate.


Fun, colorful and well-designed, Grasshopper is the perfect app for adults and especially beginners who want to learn to code in JavaScript. Grasshopper is presented as an adventure using a series of short exercises to discover how this computer language works. The app is free and very user-friendly, recommended if this is your first foray into coding. It is available for both Android and iOS. Find out more on the Grasshopper website.


Available for iOS and Android, Mimo offers tutorials in cyber security and various programming languages, even enabling you to eventually create your own code. This personalized experience begins when you choose your theme and thus it caters to the content of your choices. This app is suitable for beginners and pros alike and fits in nicely to any workday with its short tutorials and simple exercises. The only downside to this app is that just the first few chapters are available free of charge, after this an annual paid subscription is required to access the premium version.

Code Karts

It’s never too early to learn computer programming and Code Karts is an excellent app to get young children interested in coding. Using a system based on simplified coding techniques, young coders must place blocks end to end to create a race track and get their kart across the finish line. The further the game advances, the more challenging it becomes and there’s even a competition mode to beat the computer. Ideal for children from 4 years of age up, Code Karts is available for iOS and Android.

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