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Computing Dictionary

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Computing Dictionary
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English
Computing Dictionary is a software designed to help users find difficult words related to computing science.

Key features :

  • Word meaning : the software can give precise meaning of words even the technical ones, the most frequently used in everyday life concerning computer science. Consequently, users can find the meaning, the synonym each word in order to avoid any nonsense.
  • Use : a practical for many purposes like educational, professional and personal use. Based on that, users can acquire new words and vocabularies that may be useful to establish better communication. So, travelling should not become a problem not to have access to dictionary related to computer science.
  • Interface : an easy to use interface that does not require advanced computer skills from the users to make the software work properly for them. Besides, the software is available both in English and Russian so translation is possible to get better meaning.
  • Installation : the software is very easy to install and does not require much disk space, so, it does not slow down the computer speed. Also, word searching is faster and possible no matter the users’ computer skills.
  • Time saving : users do not need much time to look up words in the dictionary because of its practicality. One click is enough and the software will do the rest for the users.


  • A powerful shareware that helps traveler have access to word meanings on computer science during their trips.


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