With all the favourite videos you want to download from YouTube, you have to own a powerful program and Video DownloadHelper may be a great help for you. This is an extension for Firefox to capture videos and pictures directly on the browser.


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Key Features

Video DownloadHelper is a plug-in for Firefox that is used to extract videos or images online. It is placed on the left side of the browser and when it detects a video, the icon is animated and the user only has to click to get the video. It is important to note that Video DownloadHelper can download multiple videos simultaneously. And in order to facilitate maximum downloading, it supports keyboard shortcuts. The application is interesting in a way that it supports almost all sharing websites. More precisely, Video DownloadHelper is not limited to popular websites such as YouTube, MySpace or Dailymotion but also to all accessible sharing websites on the Internet. No other conversion software is required with Video DownloadHelper. It is possible to export the downloaded videos in frequently used file formats such as AVI, MPEG, or MP4. Apart from the features mentioned above, Video DownloadHelper can also be configured depending on users' preferences. For instance, they can manage history, set the minimum size of videos to download and many others.


Video DownloadHelper is effective, popular and downloadable for free. It is the latest version and is available in several languages.


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