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Webcam Toy is an application dedicated to Chrome browser and is meant for capturing media files. It offers the ability to add effects to captured photos and videos.

Key Features

Capturing: the first action of Webcam Toy is to capture photos or video using the computer's webcam. After that, the user is given the possibility to either store the taken photos and videos in his hard drive, or share them on the Web.

Adding effects: this is surely the function that makes this tool different from others. Indeed, it is able to add effects to photos or videos after capturing them. For instance, we can cite retro, vintage or black and white effects.

Sharing: apart from these features, the software allows sharing photos or videos on Twitter or Facebook directly from the software interface. It is also possible to add effects to video during a call conversation using Google Chrome.


Webcam Toy is a free download.
This application displays a preview of the final work after assigning effects.
It respects the user privacy and will not store the photo on the web.
Webcam Toy contains more than 80 amusing effects in its library.
It has an option to take multiple photos and assemble them in a collage.
Webcam Toy supports running in offline mode too.


Webcam Toy only works with Google Chrome.
Latest update on February 27, 2015 at 04:23 AM.
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i have 5 stars because i'm really like this program
very very good

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