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Afterlight is one of the rare apps allowing editing images on iDevices. It compiles handy and snappy tools to provide another look to a given image. Let's note that this app can be used by both experts and beginners. After editing an image, the output can be published on social media or sent via email.

Key Features

Afterlight hands over 15 adjustment tools where users are given free will to change an image's brightness, contrast, opacity and others. A Wallpaper Pack is also made available to them. This version comes across with 3 newer wallpapers and images can be cropped or rotated (vertical and horizontal). This application offers 56 filters. 27 of them can be personalized to be applied to an image. Another 13 items, called Guest Filters can be paired with Instagram's. Concerning textures, the user can choose among the 66 proposed. All 75 available frames are all configurable meaning that it is possible to adjust them depending on the users' needs. Moreover, they can be paired with Instagram. Once this step over, a selection has to be done about the size of the picture (Small 800x600, Medium 1600x1200 and Max 3264x2448). Right after enhancing images, Afterlight directly provides on its interface all icons linked to Camera Roll, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. The image can also be sent via mail, used as a postcard and on other applications for later use.


Theme colors are customizable. For this latest version, an automatic landscape mode is now available for users.


It is not available in other languages.


Latest update on September 22, 2014 at 11:47 AM.

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