Pencil Sketch - Image Editor

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Pencil Sketch is a free app that lets you turn your photos into small works of art. This app contains a variety of filters that you can apply to pictures taken with your mobile device to transform them into drawings.

It offers three different graphical options for you to style your photos: Sketch, Doodle, and Hatch. The first, sketch, creates a pencil drawn replication of your photos (great for selfies and portraits). Doodle creates more cartoon-like images. And hatch creates a cross-hatch pattern replica of your photo, which works well on most any picture.

It also allows you to choose between different frames, and it also has an image editor to adjust the color, saturation, add effects, and more. In just a few simple clicks, Pencil Sketch lets you can edit, frame, save, and share your favorite photos turned sketches.

Other Systems

Pencil Sketch is also available for iOS