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Shazam for PC is an intelligent application that is able to provide all the information related to a song by listening to it stream. The version currently available is for Windows 8.

This application displays different information about a song such as the artist, the title, or the album. Shazam for PC can also collect information on advertisement music or TV shows. The editor has optimised the service for music lovers. Music fans have the ability to search song lyrics from the interface. The software includes a feature called ''My Tag View.'' All of the songs tagged by the user will be searched and displayed on the interface. It's possible to buy tunes from the main screen. Like the majority of current apps, Shazam for PC includes a share feature, giving users the option to share their discoveries with friends. The application is compatible with the two most popular social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.


Latest update on March 28, 2018 at 05:51 PM.
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