WinAVI Video Capture

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WinAVI Video Capture
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WinAVI Video Capture is a useful program that every video editing professional should own. With its powerful and effective features, it is able to meet users’ expectations, and moreover, it is entirely free. WinAVI Video Capture is a program which is able to record videos from different kinds of devices namely videotape recorder, camcorder, webcam, and other video equipment. The software is quite easy to use since it comes with an intuitive interface.

These recorded videos can be saved on the hard drive or directly engraved on devices such as CD or DVD. Saved video can also be exported as AVI files, ASF, DivS, Xvid, RM, MPEG1/24, VCD, SVCD or DVD, the choice depends on saved video’s future use. WinAVI Video Capture includes a powerful compression engine so that it can be used in whatever computer. While achieving speed recordings, the software also manages your processor’s use: 1.7 GHZ for DV/VHS/DVD capture, 1GHZ for SVCD and about to 500MHz for VCD.

Apart from that, WinAVI Video Capture gives the ease to plan a recording task. All users have to do is to set the recording time start, the end, the output format and the target folder.


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Main Points thiss is very useful for videographers to capture there tapes in the computers.