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Meet new friends on Wizz with just a swipe! Perfect your online profile with photos and tunes, then dive into live chats. A vibrant, safe space to connect instantly. Your adventure begins here!

What is Wizz?

Created by developers from the French firm Voodoo, the Wizz social app where making new friends is as simple as a swipe! Picture this: a place where your profile tells your story through vivid photos, emojis, and your favorite tunes. Here, you're not just scrolling; you're actively engaging, chatting live, and discovering people who share your passions. Whether exploring new hobbies or seeking age-appropriate chats, Wizz offers a secure, dynamic space to connect. It's more than an app; it's a journey to a world of friendships waiting to be discovered.

Here, find a trustworthy version of the Wizz app, which is unavailable on the App Store or Google Play!

What are the key features of Wizz?

  • Swipe to discover: You will experience the thrill of meeting new friends with just a swipe. Thanks to Wizz's intuitive interface, it is a breeze to discover people who are online right now. Each profile pops up, showcasing unique bios, photos, and a mix of emojis and stickers that reflect individual interests and favorite music. If someone catches your eye, reaching out is just a message away. This feature puts the power of making new connections right at your fingertips, ensuring every swipe has the potential to start a new story.

  • Your profile: On Wizz, crafting your personal profile is an art form, allowing you to showcase the mosaic of your personality, interests, and life moments. Start with a bio that's uniquely you—infuse it with your favorite emojis, quotes, and snippets that offer a window into your world.

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  • Live chatting: You can immerse yourself in the excitement of real-time conversations with people from around the world. Wizz transforms digital interaction into a lively experience, bringing users closer together, regardless of distance. This feature not only makes the world feel smaller but also fosters a sense of community and friendship that's hard to find elsewhere.

  • Explore hobbies and interests: Wizz encourages you to explore and develop new hobbies and interests through the different categories of profiles. No matter whether you like sports, video games, art, or any other activity, you will find what you want. This aspect of the app is perfect for those looking to expand their horizons and connect with others who share similar passions, jobs, or hobbies.

  • Age-appropriate engagement: The app's age-matched chatting ensures interactions are both secure and relevant, allowing users to connect with peers within their own age group. Still, always be cautious when you talk with strangers, don't send personal information, and ensure kids and teenagers stay safe.

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How to use Wizz?

  1. Create your profile: Launch Wizz and head to the profile creation section. Fill in all required details to set up your profile. Include a short description of yourself, highlighting your interests and what you're looking for on Wizz.
  2. Make connections: Once your profile is set, start exploring the app to discover new people. Use the swipe feature to search for other users who are online.
  3. Initiate conversations: Tap on the chat icon of a user's profile to start talking. Wizz allows you to send messages to anyone, opening the door to new connections.
  4. Manage interactions: If needed, you can block any user with just a few taps, ensuring your experience on Wizz remains positive.

Is Wizz free?

Yes, Wizz is totally free to use.

Is Wizz safe?

As always with social media, the more careful you are in your interactions with strangers, the safer you'll be. In January 2024, Wizz was removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play after it emerged that some users were exploiting the app to engage in extortion scams.

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