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You want to try new and more efficient ways to create memorable, persuasive, and engaging video presentations? Then you must try Prezi Video, a groundbreaking new presentation solution that focuses on visuals and interactive content to create innovative ways to express ideas and communicate with other people during a video conference.

What is Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is part of the Prezi suite. It provides a brand new way to create more engaging, persuasive, and memorable video presentations by focusing on images and interactive content as core components of presentations. Prezi Video differs from Prezi Next in that it focuses on integrating Prezi features into live or pre-recorded video presentations.

Prezi understood that visuals are usually easier to process and understand for your brain, making the flow of the presentation more fluid. The core idea is to make your presentation more persuasive because what is easily understood tends to be more trusted and engaging. Moreover, interactive content is more memorable because many people reason and remember data based on spatialization.

What are the key features of Press Video?

  • Immersive video presentation: Prezi Video allows you to offer a more immersive video presentation experience to your audience. Indeed, you will be able to make live presentations to your audience displaying the content you have prepared. Easily import various formats such as Prezi Next presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Google slides, or directly import visual such as texts, images (.jpeg, .png), GIF, or video (.mp4).
  • Save time and keep ahead of the curve: Prezi Video will also help you avoid unnecessary meetings or presentations. Indeed, its pre-recording feature allows you to record your video presentations in advance then send them to your collaborators in an email or using a messaging tool.
  • Control your audience experience: Thanks to the Prezi Video interface, you will be able to fully control and fine-tune your audience experience. For example, from your meeting interface, dynamically switch from the original immersive experience where you stand next to your visual presentation to a fullscreen mode, or disable your slides once you have finished your visual presentation.
  • Cross-application compatible: Prezi Video also supports integration into all the most used applications you daily use with your collaborators. You will be able to live stream your Prezi Video presentation seamlessly in seconds and go straight to the point thanks to the compatibility with apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or Google Meet.
  • Keep control, use notes: Even though you might feel comfortable with your presentations, notes are always helpful to make sure that you don't forget anything. All your presenter notes will be available while presenting. So free your mind and never freeze on stage anymore.
  • Fits everyone needs: No matter what your job is, you will find Prezi Video helpful. If you're are a teacher, you can easily create excellent content for your students and share your presentation for future viewing. If you want to interact with customers or sell products, you can create a more engaging, professional-looking virtual presentation that promotes what you want. If you're going to try a new way to collaborate with your team members, pitching new ideas, creating reports, or adding interactive content to meetings is now super handy and accessible.
  • A huge community: Thanks to the huge community and all the free content that is already available, you will be able to get inspired by others' presentations. The official website already includes lots of galleries examples, videos, and templates.

How to install and use Prezi Video?

First, download the free Prezi Video installer for PC we provide you at the top of this page and install it on your PC. Once installed, you simply need to launch the application, sign-up for an account from the application, and log in to the Prezi Video application. You're now ready to take advantage of the features of Prezi Video:

  • Choose if you want to Import from Prezi, Create a video, or Import from PowerPoint.
  • Select the template you want for your presentation.
  • If you choose to Create a video, then add slides, texts, images, videos and everything you need to create an engaging presentation.
  • Select the video conference tool you want to use with your Prezi video application.
  • Go to the video settings of your conference tool and enable the Prezi Video virtual camera.
  • You're good to start your outstanding and professional presentation.

Regarding how to use Prezi Video for PC, you will find many valuable resources and tutorials on the official website and Youtube channel.

Is it free?

Prezi Video for PC is free to use, but you will need to purchase Prezi Plus or a higher plan to take advantage of lots of interesting features such as offline access and recording. To get the most out of Prezi Video, and depending on your needs, you can check the available pricing plans. Note that purchasing a plan also gives you additional features for the other Prezi's products, such as Prezi Design or Prezi Next.

Is it safe to use Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is a safe service, they perform internal and external security audits and code analysis, third-party penetration tests, and lots more security tests. You can consult their privacy policy.

What is the difference with Prezi Next?

Prezi Video focuses on allowing you to create immersive video presentations using existing materials (from Prezi Next, PowerPoint, Google Slides) or by creating a new one from the application. The main goal of Prezi Video is to empower you to create content in a more video-conference-friendly way thus the presentation creation features of Prezi Video are a little bit different from the more general Prezi Next's features.

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