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PREQUEL is a free visual editing tool with lots of filters and effects to transform photos and content for stories on social networks. You will have access to iconic features such as Disco, Vintage Bling, Glitch, Spectra, Miami, Prism, VHS, D3D among others, to change the look of your posts.

What are the key features of PREQUEL?

  • Editing: Easy execution of the editing tools requiring no special skills.
  • Filters and tools: Everything is possible! Create amazing presets by mixing more than 800 tools and filters, such as VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Prism, Plastic, and many more.
  • Templates: If you don't feel like spending much time editing various video or photo filters, you can always use predefined templates and adjust your media with just one tap.
  • Customization: Wide range of settings to customize aesthetic filters and effects and create unique and captivating videos and photos.
  • Stickers and text: You can add emoji, stickers, GIFs, or any text to your photos and videos.
  • Frequent updates: The app integrates new tools and filters every week so you can create exceptional videos and photos over and over without getting bored.

Is PREQUEL free?

PREQUEL app is free to download and use. Its Gold subscription plan costs $7.99 per month.

Is PREQUEL safe?

PREQUEL app collects your data and can share it with third-party companies, so if you are not sure about downloading it, please, read carefully its privacy policy.

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