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Sometimes, editing pictures is not that easy when the tool you work with is not really efficient and limited. That is why you have to download ArcSoft PhotoStudio. This is a powerful editing picture program. Easy to use for beginners and performing for professionals, this tool has all functions which will enhance the quality of your photos.

Note: it seems that the software hasn't been updated for several years - the version linked to this page is the latest to exist. If you encounter problems with it, we recommend that you consider some simple photo editors such PhotoPad Image Editor, ACDS Photo Manager or more advanced pieces of software such as Adobe Photoshop.

What is ArcSoft PhotoStudio?

ArcSoft PhotoStudio is an image editing solution developed by ArcSoft, Inc. It is easy to use and allows you to acquire, manage, improve, retouch, and output full-color images. What's handy with ArcSoft PhotoStudio is its simplicity, so everyone can use it. 

What are the key features of ArcSoft PhotoStudio?

  • Edition: as its name suggests, ArcSoft PhotoStudio is a picture editing program. It has plenty of advanced and efficient tools to enhance your digital photo's quality. Among them, we can quote simple selection, magnetic lasso, Smoothness, Detail, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Auto-Exposure, Auto-De-Noise, Record Macro, Scratch Removal, Equalization, and so on.
  • High Dynamic Range: apart from that, this program includes an HDR feature or High Dynamic Range. This feature allows combining three images with different exposure levels to have an impressive, vibrant, and detailed image.
  • Loading format: one of the advantages of using ArcSoft PhotoStudio is that it supports files from a professional cameras such as Nikon, and Canon as well as RAW format, and is one of the few applications that can take charge of 30.000x30.000 pixels files.
  • Management: it also enables users to browse, search and organize their files due to a powerful browser. Indeed, this program embeds tags, rating functions, and a calendar. And to complete all features above, it has a printing function that will arrange photos for printing at the size users want.
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How to use ArcSoft PhotoStudio?

If you want to learn all the basics and more advanced techniques you can do with ArcSoft PhotoStudio, you can consult the comprehensive guide made by the developer.

Is ArcSoft PhotoStudio free?

This is a trial version of the product.

Is ArcSoft PhotoStudio safe?

Yes, ArcSoft PhotoStudio is safe to use.

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