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Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy photography, great editing software is indispensable to take care of your photos. Hard drives are often cluttered by image files from multiple sources and a powerful database such as Photo Lab, capable of indexing them all according to both built-in categories and personalized ones, is of great use.

What are the key features of Photo Lab?

  • Editing tools: Change the brightness and the contrast of your images, adjust saturation, crop and resize photos, remove red eyes, change the colors, rotate the picture, and do so much more with Photo Lab.
  • Graphic elements: You can add graphic elements such as text, import bitmaps, or copy and utilize vector graphics from other external editing applications like Corel Draw or Adobe.
  • Supported formats: There are numerous options available for both saving and exporting your photos including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, WMF as well as Photoshop PSD. Any picture you have edited can be saved in standard formats in order to facilitate the ease of further use.
  • Quick and easy: The interface of the software is intuitive and easy to use so you can prepare your images for publication or printing fast and with no complications.

How does Photo Lab work?

To use the program you simply need to import the image and choose the tool you need from the left pane. Afterwards you can adjust the colors, saturation, and more by using the new pop-up window.

Is Photo Lab free?

The software is completely free of charge.

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