Pixelmator Classic free for Mac

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  • Developer Pixelmator Team
  • Version 3.9.1
  • License Commercial
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Pixelmator is a photo editing tool developed by Pixelmator Team. With this software, you can easily retouch and edit your photos by adding effects, drawings, and more.

What are the key features of Pixelmator?

  • Image processing: you can freely import images from various devices (iPhone, iPad, scanners) and edit them as you like: change the size, trim, rotate, and export.
  • Supported formats: the software is compatible with: PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, WebP, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, and JPG-2000, and also supports Photoshop images with layers. You can also save and optimize the following formats for the Web: JPEG, PNG, GIF, or WebP.
  • Tools: enjoy over forty tools designed for painting, drawing, and retouching, but also some selection and basic tools, such as crop, hand, and zoom, among many others.
  • Metadata: view every image's metadata.
  • Color correction: the software offers over 13 tools for color correction: Levels, Auto Enhance, Curves, Color Balance, Brightness, Hue, Desaturate, Colorize, Replace Color, Channels, Exposure, Invert, Light, and Dark.
  • Layers: with Pixelmator, the image editing is layer-based: create, edit, delete layers.
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How does Pixelmator work?

The Pixelmator software may seem a bit confusing with all its options if you are not familiar with photo editing programs and general. Luckily, the developer has anticipated these beginner’s difficulties and offers free tutorials on their official website.

Is it free?

You can purchase and use this software for $29.99. There is also a Pixelmator Pro version for $39.99.

Is it safe?

It seems that Pixelmator has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. You can store your images with iCloud and Handoff.

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