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What is IMVU? IMVU is a social networking site and an online metaverse. IMVU can be a good solution for you, if you are looking for a pen friend, for example. It offers different features and thousands of people are using it from all over the world. But what does IMVU stand for? According to the team "It's not an acronym; it doesn't stand for anything". In this article, we discuss some of the app's key features, as well as some additional information.

What are the key features of IMVU?

Here are some of the IMVU app's main features:

  • Discussion and game: Like all instant messaging software, IMVU's main function allows you to chat with others via its interface. However, what differentiates it from its competitors is that it gives you the opportunity to create an IMVU character and play with your contacts.

  • IMVU Avatar: With this software, you can customize your avatar. Thus, the software allows you to change clothes or shoes, change your hairstyle or choose another setting, among others.

  • Chat Room: IMVU pushes you to talk with a contact. It has hundreds of chat rooms that you can choose freely. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to create your own room and invite other people.

  • Customizable 3D Interface: IMVU comes with a 3D interface and since it is entirely customizable, it allows you to create a 3D environment with ease.

Is IMVU safe?

It seems that the IMVU game has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy before installing.

When it comes to safety, the question “is IMVU a dating site?” arises. Although it is an online video game, IMVU is also considered a dating platform. This means that it may not be suitable for teenagers (and younger).

Is IMVU free?

You can download and use the app for free. However, it contains some optional in-app purchases, such as credits and tokens.