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Internet Speed Booster speeds up your internet connection by optimizing the configuration system settings. Internet Speed Booster is also able to increase your RAM speed by improving the way your PC uses its physical memory. Additionally, the program takes control of backing up your system so that you may restore your settings at any point.

​​​​​​​Please note: This software hasn't received any updates since several years ago. This download page has been preserved purely for informational purposes.

What is Internet Speed Booster?

Internet Speed Booster is the kind of useful utility developed back in the day to adjust your internet setting and optimize your connection automatically. Even though it may boost your internet speed, your bandwidth is still limited depending on your internet provider.

What are the key features of Internet Speed Booster?

  • The main function of this software is to make your internet connection faster, by modifying the settings of the internet properties of your PC. You just have to select the Internet optimization feature and click Optimize Now. You can use this tool to boost internet WiFi speeds. However, this is not a downloading speed booster. If you are looking for programs that can do that, we recommend you to try out Download Accelerator Plus.
  • This WiFi speed booster supports all kinds of modems and high-speed connections — such as LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1, etc.
  • Furthermore, the application can be launched with any web browser.
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Is Internet Speed Booster free?

This is a trial version that is limited in its features. Internet Speed Booster has been discontinued by its developer, meaning that it is no longer possible to purchase the pro version of this software.

Is Internet Speed Booster safe?

Yes, Internet Speed Booster is considered safe.