BlackHawk Web Browser free for PC

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BlackHawk Web Browser is a new web browser designed by NETGATE Technologies. It offers several convenient options to comfortably and safely navigate the Web.

What are the key features of BlackHawk Web Browser?

  • Navigation: the main function of this software is to allow surfing easily on the Internet. It is also possible to open multiple windows on its interface and switch from one tab to another without having to close the active window.
  • Storage: this option of BlackHawk Web Browser allows the user to save web pages on their hard disc for offline use. All page components in question, such as images and scripts, will be saved in a folder.
  • Search: like standard web browsers, it also has a search engine. The user only has to type keywords in a dedicated search bar and all pages related to the search will be displayed in the results.
  • Customizable: It supports the use of macros and shortcuts.

Is it free?

Yes, BlackHawk Web Browser can be downloaded for free.

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