Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge Chromium is Microsoft's Chromium-based web browser intended to supersede Internet Explorer and the older version of Microsoft Edge based on EdgeHTML.

Key features

  • Easy browsing: Search within your open windows, create bookmarks, and switch your tabs easily with Microsoft Edge.
  • Personalization: This new version of Microsoft Edge offers new personalization tools, including a dark mode, as well as support for new extensions. It also supports themes and extensions of the Chrome Web Store.
  • Safety: Edge includes a brand new tracking protection feature that allows you to block trackers from third-party sites or even from sites visited with strict filtering. It also has a native ability to isolate threatening programs.
  • Built-in shopping feature: Microsoft Edge can help you to find the best deals, earn some cash back, and compare prices with ease.
  • Browser made for kids: Microsoft Edge includes a kids mode with stronger protection and the possibility to personalize the theme and other design details.
  • InPrivate mode: You can browse in InPrivate mode to leave your browsing history and search confidential.

How does Microsoft Edge work?

Microsoft Edge works as a full-featured cross-platform web browser with reinforced privacy and security and multiple customization tools.

Is Microsoft Edge free?

Yes, Microsoft Edge Chromium is completely free of charge.

Is Microsoft Edge safe?

Microsoft Edge is considered more secure than, for example, Google Chrome thanks to its powerful, built-in defenses against phishing and malware and ability to isolate dangerous software.