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Vivaldi is a web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It uses Blink engine and is currently ranked as one of the best web browsers. Vivaldi aims to offer users the possibility to customize its interface completely.

What are the key features of Vivaldi Browser?

  • Customization: As mentioned above, Vivaldi offers users a unique way to customize their experience. This includes not only the browser's theme but also your preferred extensions, shortcuts, gestures, and behaviors.

  • Tab Management: Having too many tabs open can make your experience messy and slow down your browser. This is why Vivaldi has come up with unique ways to organize your tabs such as Stacks, Split screen, Vertical tabs, Hibernate tabs, and more.

  • Navigation: With Vivaldi navigating becomes easier: you can set your favorite websites at Speed Dial, your browsing history is more informative because it offers different stats, and use Quick Commands. Of course, you can also enjoy the Private Mode.

  • Built-in Tools: The browser comes with different and helpful built-in tools that will allow you to take a screenshot exactly as you wish, take note while browsing, watch a video in a floating screen, and get image metadata, among others.

Is Vivaldi free?

You can download and use this browser for free.

Is Vivaldi safe?

It seems that the browser has no history of security issues. As always, we recommend reading the official Vivaldi Browser Privacy policy in order to take note of the way Vivaldi uses your data. You should also note that Vivaldi uses Google Safe Browsing. Ancre

Vivaldi vs. Chrome

Both browsers share the open-source Chromium code. However, it is Vivaldi’s code that makes it possible to customize the browser. But is Vivaldi safer than Chrome? Because they use the same engine (called Blink), both browsers have the same vulnerabilities. You can check the dedicated article on the official Vivaldi blog.

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