Home Bookkeeping free for PC

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  • Developer KeepSoft
  • Version 7.0
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

Home Bookkeeping is a budget manager for your personal life. You can log and track all of your revenues and expenditures, view reports and prepare graphs from the data. The program supports an unlimited number of users and includes password protection.

What are the key features of Home Bookkeeping?

  • Income and expenses: Draw up your budget and take control over your finances with easy-to-use tables and graphs.
  • Borrowed and loan money: Control how much money you owe to the bank or friends and follow the payment plan calculation.
  • Notifications: Set up notifications to never forget to make a payment.
  • Charts and graphs: Visual graphical analysis helps you to better understand where is your money going and how to control your money flow more efficiently.
  • Multiple accounts and currencies: You can add multiple bank accounts in any currency of the world if you wish.
  • Import and Export: You can import your bank statements easily as well as export your info from Home Bookkeeping.
  • Cross-platform: Home Bookkeeping is a cross-platform software, so you can sync your devices and take control of your finances anytime from anywhere.

How Does Home Bookkeeping work?

After you downloaded and installed Home Bookkeeping it is very easy to use. Simply fill in all your incomes, expenses, transactions, etc. If you have and debts, add them to keep track of how much money you still owe to the bank. For each expense, you can choose a category and save it so at the end of the month/quarter/year you will see how you spend your money in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Is Home Bookkeeping free?

This is a free trial version of the program. The portable license that you can have on your USB key and use on different computers costs $49.99, an individual license’s price is $29.99 and a family license is $49.99.

Is Home Bookkeeping safe?

Home Bookkeeping is virus-free and it doesn’t sell your personal and financial information.

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