Forex Market Hours Monitor free for PC

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Forex Market Hours Monitor allows you to monitor the Forex market in the world: London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. In addition, a dialog box displays the more extensive negotiating sessions and allows management hours.

What is Forex Market Hours Monitor?

Forex Market Hours Monitor is a utility tool developed to monitor the different Forex marketplaces worldwide, empowering you to visualize when it is more profitable to trade.

What are the key features of Forex Market Hours Monitor?

  • Monitors Forex trading hours sessions in different locations: London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo.
  • Supports different time zones for most North American and European countries.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No installation is required.
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Is it free?

Yes, it is free to use.

Is it safe?

Forex Market Hours Monitor is considered safe to use.

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