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Advanced Option Calculator is a software calculator to perform different kinds of financial calculations that can be used for statistics, probability and economics.

Disclaimer: the product is discontinued and the publisher is no longer active. Thus, the software may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages. This article was updated for informational purposes

What are the key features of Advanced Option Calculator?

  • Analysis for trading, the calculator can be used to determine different values mostly found in finance. It displays different variable options and can evaluate profit and loss.
  • Risk calculation for inherent risk that can be found in finance planning. The user can perform risk estimations with profit and loss, this in order to value the feasibility of the task, the calculator provides different uses of probability methods.
  • Graphics, the calculations made can be presented in graphics easy to manipulate according to need. It can also evaluate an economic model and generate expectations and results from your updated database and generate easy modifications for estimation.
  • The machine calculates parameters in different ways whether using statistics or finance methods that can be easily modified and manipulated on the screen with it's easy to use interface. Simple options management and naming for each factor are displayed and the graph creation can be done quickly and efficiently.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to use. 

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