Lydia - Mobile Payment free for Android APK

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  • Developer Lydia Solutions
  • Version 9.6.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

In the era of hands-free payment, talking and even driving, the Lydia app is right at home. It unifies all forms of payments in one app whether it's paying for a coffee, paying a friend back or doing some online shopping. Simplify your life and try out Lydia!

What are the key features of Lydia?

  • A free all encompassing payment app, Lydia has become hugely popular and was lauded "amongst Europe's 100 hottest startups" by Wired.
  • It allows you to transfer practically all financial transactions to one app, online.
  • No more bank transfers and no need to go back and forth between accounts to pay for different things separately.
  • You can pay your rent, buy cinema tickets and even claim money your friends owe you, all through the Lydia app.

How does it works?

Lydia uses the latest technology so that regardless of phone model, the app will work for you.

  • Credit card + Smartphone = Lydia. You simply choose your credit or debit card to connect to your Lydia account and the amount spent or transferred will be instantly debited from the account.
  • The same level of security, payment limits and guarantees as with traditional card payments
  • Lydia uses the QR code which is compatible with every phone model and network provider, even when you don’t have service.
  • You can use your phone contacts on Lydia to either send or receive money. No need to ask for account information, Lydia takes care of that for you!

Is it free?

Yes, Lydia is free to download and use. 

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