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Even though there are many flashcard apps on the market, Anki features many modern, simple, and beneficial ways to learn and remember anything you want. With a very efficient studying technology and providing a very cool environment, you will understand why so many people use this app to study and memorize all kinds of things.

What is Anki?

Anki is an open-source flashcard program that uses spaced repetition for long-lasting memorization, which is a learning technique where newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently, and older and less difficult ones are shown less frequently. Years of study have proved that spaced repetition significantly increases the learning rate. Anki provides many useful and reliable features that can make you remember and actively memorize anything you want.

What are the key features of Anki?

  • Interface: Anki features a modern and intuitive interface you will love to use. Everything is well organized and pretty intuitive, and it also includes a night mode.
  • Cards: You can create any card you want to store any kind of information. Every card is composed of several fields (called notes) that represent a piece of data. For example, you could create a card composed of field 1 as the expression in the target language ("cerise"), field 2 as the pronunciation represented by audio content, and field 3 as the meaning of the word in your language ("cherry"). But you can also do lots more, as a card could be a question, an equation, a picture...
  • Decks: In a few words, a deck is a group of cards (note that you can put the same card in several decks, those are two different notions). Moreover, decks can also be composed of decks, which allows you to organize decks into a tree. Note that each deck can also have different settings, such as how many new cards to show each day, how long to wait until cards are shown again, etc.
  • Study efficiently: You will discover a brand new way to study your resources as you can specifically select what you want to study. But you will also be able to feed the app with useful information to ensure your next session will be more accurate. For example, you can review cards as 'Again', 'Hard', 'Good', and 'Easy', so that the next time you are more likely to view cards reviewed as 'Again' or 'Hard'.
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  • Many built-in resources: You will find many learning resources in over 40 languages and many different formats (audio clips, images, videos, bookmarks, lists...), so you can choose and learn in the way that is most convenient for you. Search and download more than 100,000 decks of different disciplines. You can access the subject matter of categories such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, geography, history, law, mathematics, music, pathology, and physics.
  • Learn languages: Even though you can use Anki to learn anything you want, it is super useful for learning languages. Choose among 10 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
  • Track progress: You can consult many different types of statistics that tell you valuable information related to your learning sessions. Hence, you will be able to detect what topic you may spend more time on, how many days in a row you keep learning, and much more.
  • Syncing: Anki knows that flexibility is key, so they implemented the online service AnkiWeb that allows you to keep your deck synchronized across multiple devices to study online or offline.
  • Extend: Anki is much more than a simple app, as you can extend it using over 750 add-ons to bring your Anki experience to the next level. You will get access to speech synthesis, enhanced user statistics, incremental reading, image occlusion, and much more.
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How to use Anki?

Once downloaded and installed, you can start downloading existing decks and content. If you want to build your deck from scratch, just create cards according to your needs. Finally, you can start studying and testing your knowledge. If you need more help using the software, take a look at the learning center on the official website, especially the dedicated 'Getting Started' section.

Is it free?

Yes, here we offer you a free version you can use as much as you want. But Anki also offers a paid version that brings more features.

Is it safe?

Yes, Anki is a safe software you can use with total peace of mind. Still, we always recommend reading their privacy policy

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