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Controlling and mastering typing speed can take some time and especially when it come to the Arabic keyboard. Arabic Typing Tutor facilitates and speeds up Arabic typing process.

​​​​​​​Note: It seems that this software hasn't been updated for several years - the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, so do not bother searching any further.

What is Arabic Typing Tutor?

Arabic Typing Tutor is a solution designed for learning typing in Arabic with ease and intended for all ages. Even though the interface is a little bit old-looking, it provides a progressive step-by-step learning course.

What are the key features of Arabic Typing Tutor?

  • Hand position: for learning, Arabic Typing Tutor starts with the basics of hand position on the keyboard. To acquire a high typing speed, it provides the user with examples of varied training and several exercises.
  • Typing courses: Arabic Typing Tutor offers 13 lessons to teach typing methods on an Arabic keyboard. 2-4 new keys are added as the student progresses.
  • Practical: convenient, Arabic Typing Tutor chooses examples from poems, common phrases and even Arabic words of wisdoms. Color schemes are also used to easily remember the keyboard.
  • Error checker: Arabic Typing Tutor has a text checker that provides the number of errors made as well as the typing speed.
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Is Arabic Typing Tutor free?

This is a shareware version. It seems that the full product is no longer available for purchase from the publisher's website.

Is Arabic Typing Tutor safe?

Arabic Typing Tutor is considered safe.

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