DNS Benchmark

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The DNS domain name is the address created to access it. DNS Benchmark is a program designed to test the speed of the access to that kind of address.

Key Features


The creation of a new DNS address goes through the "Add/Remove" from DNS Benchmark. It displays a form where the user must enter the IP address on the domain name of the website.


This program ranks all IDs entered by the user in a directory that appears with all the characteristics on the main interface. Users can delete and edit them from the same interface.


In order to analyze the speed of the access to different domain names, the user just has to make a click on the "Run Benchmark" button in the software's interface. The results will be displayed there depending on the effectiveness of each address.


DNS Benchmarkprovides the ability to record the results of each analysis in different formats. It can export them to CSV files, image, or simply copied to the system clipboard.

Is It Free?

The software can be downloaded and used for free.

Image: www.grc.com