Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop free for PC

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  • Developer Ulteo
  • Version 4.0.2
  • License Open Source
  • Language en

Disclaimer: it seems that the publisher's website is closed and that the software is no longer supported. Thus, even though the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, it may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages.

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is a simulator which can bring Linux operating system on a Windows one. The two are integrated into a single desktop.

Key Features

  • Emulation: once Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is installed on the server computer, it can provide an access to the virtual desktop of any PC on the network. Access can be granted directly over the network or via Web browsers.
  • Account: the right of entry to the virtual desktop can be secured via the creation of a user profile. When using different operating systems on local server computers, this program also makes sure that the data are protected against hacking.
  • Remote access: thanks to this utility, the server administrator can easily have access to all computers (with operating systems and applications on them) on the server. Monitoring, logging can be done from a distance.

Is It Free?

You can download and use this software for free.

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