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  • Developer SuccuDev
  • Version 0.39
  • License Demo
  • Language en

Virtual Succubus is a self-pleasure adult video game designed to offer a highly interactive and customizable experience. The game centers around a virtual character, a supernatural and seductive entity often depicted in folklore. In this context, the Succubus is dominant, offering you a personalized and immersive experience.


  • Diversity: Virtual Succubus boasts a plethora of JOI "mechanics" inspired by a wide array of content. Utilizing numerous content toggles such as kinks and toys, these mechanics seamlessly blend multiple tasks, offering a staggering array of potential activities!
  • Inclusiveness: This game welcomes players of all stripes! Throughout its development, numerous feature requests have been implemented to accommodate the diverse preferences of the players.
  • Tailored experience: Crafted to cater to a myriad of tastes, this game offers everything except the option to make your succubus submissive. Whether you have a penchant for subby kinks or unique interests, you'll likely find them in the game!
  • Persistent AI: Your Succubus isn't just about individual sessions; it's designed to be your own delightfully wicked Dominant over the long term! Earn her favor for rewards or escalate session stakes with lasting consequences – every system encourages sustained engagement.
© Virtual Succubus
  • Procedural generation: To keep things fresh, many aspects of the game are procedurally generated. Say goodbye to repetition, even if you indulge in daily play! Each session involves layered tasks with diverse kinky elements, procedurally generated text prompts, and much more.
  • Between-session engagement: Your succubus may challenge you to adopt certain habits or complete specific tasks, holding you accountable with "consequences" for any shortcomings. From daily edging to tackling your taxes, your succubus knows no bounds. These systems are highly customizable, but in-game examples are provided for those seeking inspiration!
  • Smart Toy integration: Going beyond the typical "sync a toy to the beat" approach, Real Smart toy integration introduces a novel experience. With Xtoys' support for various sensors on phones or PCs, a variety of kinky-oriented scripts have been crafted for your succubus to use, ensuring a unique and immersive encounter.
© Virtual Succubus

Graphics and sound

Virtual Succubus features anime-like graphics with all kinds of girls, and you will enjoy authentic voice acting! It's a matter of taste and feeling, so come and try the experience.

Duration and game modes

This is a single-player adventure (but you can play it with people too if everyone's okay), and it provides very original modes like Smart Toy integration and between-session content, which seem to really push the experience beyond gaming.

What do the reviews say?

As usual, there are no official reviews for adult games. Still, in the realm of adult games, Virtual Succubus is a top-notch adventure providing exotic and innovative experiences for everyone.

"How the hell has it taken this long for someone to make something like this? I don't even pay for Netflix but I'm paying you." (Anonymous)

Age rating

Virtual Succubus is suitable for an adult audience.

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