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Wavosaur is a free audio editor featuring multiple professional-quality tools that will undoubtedly be useful to modify all types of digital audio files, repair old recordings, edit podcasts and interviews, or edit audio for audiovisual projects.

What is Wavosaur?

Wavosaur is a totally free digital audio editor supporting many file extensions and featuring everything you need to record, produce loops, design sounds, analyze and convert files. In addition, using the ASIO drivers packed in Wavosaur lets you apply filters on files in real-time without compromising stability, resolution, and quality. The program includes effects and compatibility with VST plug-ins from other developers, as well as a descriptive manual of all its features.

What are the key features of Wavosaur?

  • Intuitive editing: It offers the classic editing toolset for cutting, pasting, replacing, inserting, splitting, deleting, and moving parts. In addition, it also includes more complex tools such as mono-to-stereo channel conversion, insert silence, change volume, normalize level, fade in/out, invert, multi-point envelope generation, and many more.
  • Extensive format support: You can load wav, mp3, aif, aiff, ogg vorbis, raw binary, au/snd, ADPCM Dialogic vox, Akai S1000 sample, Amiga 8svx & 16svx, wavpack, and many more file types. It also supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit PCM, 32-bit float and 64-bit float audio at any sample rate.
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  • Effects: Wavosaur is fully compatible with VST plug-ins, which enables you to use your favorite effects from external sources. You can chain VST effects in a virtual rack, then save and recall it. Of course, you can tweak the effects and listen to the results in real time.
  • Analysis and special features: You can obtain detailed RMS power statistics, min and max value per channel, 2D and 3D frequency analyzer, and sonogram. As a great detail, you also have at your disposal an oscilloscope to monitor audio input and output. In addition, all the commands you find in Wavosaur can be triggered using a MIDI controller, which makes it very practical to use.

How to use Wavosaur?

The developers have made a user guide where you will find everything you need to configure Wavosaur, as well as a clear demonstration of the tools it features. If you want to know how you can add VST effects, you can consult the dedicated guide. In addition, a long list of VST effects can be downloaded from the official Wavosaur forum.

Is it free?

Wavosaur is completely free to use.