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  • Developer UPLAY Online
  • Version 1.6.3h
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Youtubers Life is a life and business simulation video game where you will become one of the most exciting types of content creators: a Youtuber. Throughout your journey, you will have the opportunity to choose what type of content your channel will share, interact with your community, customize your living places and character's style, and make sure your business remains stable and doesn't run out of money.

What is the game Youtubers Life about?

Youtubers Life is a simulation game developed and published by UPLAY Online. The game puts you in the shoes of a social media star trying to make a living from it through diversified gameplay mechanics and lots of diversities regarding content, like choosing your type of content, community interactions, and more.

If you think that becoming famous is hard, then you will be surprised by how challenging it is to stay ahead of the curve and keep producing entertaining original content for people.


  • Take control of your life: Start your career as a Youtuber and experience some aspects of what your favorite entertainers have to do every day and the amount of work to process. You will create your avatar, build your channel from scratch and make your community grow while getting the job done and making your dreams come true: becoming a millionaire. You will also have the pleasure to meet famous Youtubers, go to the most famous and wildest parties, customize your place (and what about buying a mansion in outer space?), and share your life with the world!
  • Create your avatar: You can create and customize your avatar throughout the game. Make it look the way you want and choose among many hats, shirts, hairstyles, and clothes. You will be able to purchase tons of different items, but keep in mind that a dollar is a dollar and that saving more coins will bring you closer to your dream.
  • Various themes: You will be able to choose the category of your channel among a fashion channel, a cooking channel, a gaming channel, or a music channel. With the fashion channel, you will design your clothes, attend fashion events, and shape every aspect of your life. The cooking channel allows you to become a chef, upload your recipes, and work at the most famous restaurants. You can also choose a gaming channel where you will be an essential part of the gaming community as other players will become your fans, buy your PCs and consoles, record live or tutorials, share, and communicate with your community. Finally, the music channel will allow you to make videos with your favorite artists and play live covers in front of thousands of your fans.
  • Take extra care of your work: Video Editing is also an essential part of the job. It will highly influence your audience's opinion about the quality of your work. So pay attention to detail and make sure to create eye-catching and exciting content. Of course, you can learn some clever and time-saving techniques from the most famous channel on Youtube.
  • Manage your money: Like a real person, you will also have to make sure your money is well managed and find financial sponsors. You will have to innovate to make sure your business thrives.
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Graphics and sound

Even though the game features minimalist graphics, it is still appropriate for the genre and the overall atmosphere of this title. The OST is simple, but the whole things manage to make you have a good experience.

Duration and game modes

Youtubers Life offers a solo experience of about 12 hours if you complete the main story but can last over 25 hours if you want to discover everything the game offers.

What do the reviews say?

© Metacritic

The game has been rated 63/100 on Metacritic.

"Youtubers Life is a good management game focused on a connected profession. All the mechanics are implemented with knowledge of the plot and the care for details is evident..." (Eurogamer Italy)

Age rating


The game has been rated PEGI 3 and can be considered suitable for all audiences.

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