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Drag Racing is a free car racing game developed and published by Creative Mobile Games. It is a free drag racing game that supports online competitions. Drag Racing offers simple yet powerful game mechanics.


  • Gameplay: In Drag Racing, you will embody a car race driver who will compete with other car drivers to win races in straight lines. To win races, you must find the right balance between grip and power, acceleration and nitrous oxide. You will also be able to fine-tune your gear ratio adjustments to save precious milliseconds.

  • Real-time multiplayer: Compete with your friends or other players online. You can challenge them with their car or compete with up to 9 other players in real-time Pro League competitions. You can even join a team to elaborate strategies, share your achievements, or exchange tunes.

  • Lots of customizations: You can customize your car how you want to make it fast and beautiful. Upgrade your car’s components, including your engine, turbo, intake/exhaust, nitro, weight, wheels, and more. You can also pimp your car by choosing its color and collecting unique stickers.

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The audio soundtracks are engaging and match the game's theme. The graphics are also nice-looking and let you focus on the race.

Age rating

Drag Racing is rated for Everyone.

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