Shortcut Run free for Android APK

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  • 2 votes 5 / 5
  • Developer VOODOO
  • Version 1.14
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

A fun interactive game, collect floorboards along the way, stack them up and race your opponents towards the finish line. Build magical paths with your floorboards, use boost powers and steal from other players to become the master of the race. There are no rules in this game, so build your shortcut and don’t be afraid to cheat! Everything is valid to win!

Why Do We Like It?

Entertainment for hours! The game is simple to manipulate and has an attractive interface easy to handle. It works offline and doesn’t absorb much of the battery life in the smartphone giving the player good hours of uninterrupted fun.

No need for a subscription in order to play, simply download the game and begin to play.

To play simply use your fingers to control the player through path and collect the floorboards to use them along the race and be the first on the finish line

Is Shortcut Run Free?

The game is free for download and offers a one time payment to avoid advertisement

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