CarX Drift Racing Online free for PC

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  • Developer CarX Technologies, LLC
  • Version 2.18.1
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

CarX Drift Racing Online is a super addictive racing game wherein you have the opportunity to enter the world of drifting. Whether on your own or against other players online, pick a car and drift on many tracks for the win. Also, it offers good possibilities to tweak your car settings and customize your look.


  • Authentic: CarX Drift Racing Online has become viral as it offers an authentic and very realistic experience when it comes to handling sports cars. Featuring many circuits and over 50 cars, you will get addicted to the thrilling sensation of pure control while drifting in the different races. Also, you will explore varied race tracks with multiple surfaces physically accurately simulated, including grass, sand, and asphalt.
  • Controls: It supports controllers but also steering wheels with force feedback to get the most out of your races.
  • Fine control: You can adjust many of your car's settings very finely and truly control your car the way you want, including suspension (like front/rear spring length, spring stiffness, shocks stiffness, toe, camber, etc.), wheels (front/rear tire width, pressure, adhesion, etc.), or brake (torque, brake bias, ABS, Launch Control) settings. Control is in the details, and you have almost total power over it.
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  • Garage: The Garage allows you to mod your cars in several ways, including Turbo (gives much more power, but no more control), Drift (adds parts to make your car better at drifting but with less power), Stock, Racing (similar to Drift but more appropriate for Time Attack mode), and Ultimate mode (you will have full control over the car's setup).
  • Glow up: As you progress in the game, you will earn money, level up, and be able to modify your car or buy new tracks and cars. Over 100 complete body kits are available, and you can change your car's paint and create unique types of vinyl to look the way you want on the track.
© CarX Drift Racing Online

Graphics and sound

CarX Drift Racing Online features really good graphics for such a game as it strives to provide a physically-based photorealistic experience with modern lighting techniques, high-quality textures, and nice-looking particles and decals across the scenes. Also, the punchy and rhythmic OST will make you feel like a true driver, and all the pieces of audio feedback really strengthen the immersiveness.

Duration and game modes

CarX Drift Racing Online features single-player and multiplayer modes. Single-player modes include Drift (career mode where you can unlock new cars, tracks, and upgrades), Tandem Drift (you practice against another car), Time Attack, or Training. About the multiplayer mode, you will compete in races against other players online.

What do the reviews say?

CarX Drift Racing Online has been rated Overwhelmingly Positive by over 50.000 players on Steam, so it seems the game is a genuine hit.

Age rating


CarX Drift Racing Online is rated PEGI 3.

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