Cut the Rope free for Android APK

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  • Developer ZeptoLab
  • Version 3.31.0
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Cut the Rope is a video game where the player has to use the game's physics to achieve the goal. That is why it is categorized as a physics-based game. The gamer has to cut the rope to feed a little Cut the Rope monster called Om Nom.


  • Challenging: Cutting a rope may seem a child's game but it is not that simple with Cut the Rope. For each level, the player has to cut ropes with a swipe of their fingers with the device's touch-screen. Gamers have to be perfectly timed in gestures to be able to slice cords.
  • Tools: Newbies can use an in-app purchase called "Superpowers" to kickstart the game. Advanced gamers can use several gadgets to feed Om Nom. Among them, they can use air bags, teleports and more.
  • Graphics: The game's graphical design is innovative. Physics are accurate, and gesture controls are very intuitive. The place where Om Nom is located changes every time the level changes.

Game modes

Cut the Rope offers a collection of 425 levels (more to come promises the developer) and 17 boxes. One box contains 25 levels. A new level introduces a new challenge and a higher score. After each level, players can count the number of stars and their point scores.

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